Weekend Plans

This is going to be a busy weekend for the SP’s. We have a big tennis weekend planned and also a family wedding that’s three hours away from home. We are filling every second of this weekend.

Our club is sponsoring a Fila tennis camp that starts tonight with a tennis social. For the social, the pro pairs each person up with another player and then you move up or down a court depending on whether you win or lose. Mr. SP and I usually start out together and he ends up on a court on the winners side and I end up on a court on the losers side. We’ll see what happens tonight. There’s a band playing after the social, so we’ll stay for that and have dinner with some of the other players. The camp offers two hour morning or evening sessions on Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. The clinics are high energy and are guarenteed to make you work hard. This will be the third year that I’ve participated and I’ll have to say it’s one of our summer highlights. We are planning to do the morning session on Saturday and the evening sessions on Sunday and Monday.

In between the morning session on Saturday and the evening session on Sunday is the wedding. I love weddings, but this one is going to be tough.

My sister in law is getting remarried. (Her husband, my brother, was killed six years ago in a hunting accident.) My mom and I are very happy for sil, but as you can imagine, this wedding is going to be tough for us. I hope that we can make it through without a break down. The wedding is at a beautiful inn in a historic town and we have a suite for the night. My niece will stay with us and we’ll take her to her other grandmother’s house on Sunday.

I’ll have a full report with some pictures on Monday!


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