Weekend Report

Whew! I am officially tired! Between the emotional stress of the wedding and the physical stress of the Fila clinic, I’m worn out.

The wedding ended up being really nice and enjoyable. Mama and I had a hard time during the ceremony and cried all through it, but after that was over and we walked around outside for a bit to calm down, we both got a glass of wine and decided to enjoy ourselves.

My sil rented the entire inn for the wedding. It was so nice to stay there and not to have to worry about driving. The inn has a bar and dining room on the main floor and then another bar and pub in the basement. This was really nice because it spread people out and made it really easy to socialize.

There were a lot of people at the wedding who knew my brother and who I had not seen since his funeral. So many people talked to me and talked about my brother and said nice things. My mother will not talk about my brother at all and it was nice to know that he is not forgotten.

I didn’t take many pictures, but here’s one of Mama, me, and my niece. I hate to cover my niece’s sweet little face, but I don’t want to use a picture of her without her mother’s permission. Trust me, she’s a cutey!

After the festivities were over, we walked to Carl’s for ice cream. (Really frozen custard.) Carl’s has been in Fredericksburg for a long, long time and really draws a crowd. The line snaked around the parking lot, but went surprisingly fast. I think about half of the people who were at the wedding were at Carl’s when we were there. It was hot out, so we had to eat our custard quickly. Can you see the crowd?

We had breakfast at the inn on Sunday, (Grand Marnier french toast – yum), drove my niece to her other grandmother’s house, and then back home for tennis.

Now for the tennis report….
Saturday’s clinic focused on ground strokes, Sunday’s on volley and overheads, and Monday’s on doubles strategy. The pro grouped players by ability and sent the groups to one of five courts. We did a drill for 20 minutes and then rotated courts. Everyone did the same drill at the same time, so each rotation started a new drill. I love clinics and drills! I have a feeling that I won’t play well today because the Fila clinic really is hitting a lot of balls with no instruction. You are moving so fast to try to get to all of the balls that are fed to you that your form goes out the window. We’ll see.

Now for the curtain report…
The Roman Shade for the door is finished and waiting for Mr. SP to finish installing.

The valance pieces are sewn and are ready to be stapled to the boards. I have to buy the boards, get Mr. SP to cut them to the right length, and then I’m almost finished. I still haven’t decided if I’m making panels or not. I know that I have enough fabric to make one, so I might go ahead and make that one and see if I like how it looks.

I don’t like how the stripe ended up on the diagonal, but most of that is covered. I hope to have final results to share with you very soon!


  1. I love that inn! I recognized it right away, as we spent a romantic weekend there a few months ago. That is one of my favorite towns.

    I’m glad that you were able to have a nice time, though it was bittersweet.

  2. Ned from Peyton Place left a comment and I accidentally deleted it. Her MIL lives within walking distance of The Kenmore Inn and they often go for drinks in the downstairs bar. It is a small world!

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