When the Before Looks Better than the After

This weekend we tackled taming the border between our house and our neighbor’s home.  We both suspect that this area was once beautifully landscaped but in the past 30+ years has become way overgrown.  I’ve pruned certain plants in this area a time or two, but to be honest, in the twenty years that Mr. SP has been here, this area has pretty much been left to grow.

Below you can see that the area is lush and full.  If it weren’t for the blue van peaking through the Forsythia, you wouldn’t know that we have a next door neighbor.


Two weeks ago I noticed that my neighbor had pruned his side of the Forsythia.  Noticing this made me realize that a renovation was long overdue in this area. 

We got out the chain saw and big pruners and went to work.  The Forsythia was cut to the ground and should quickly grow back and look much better.

There are several other varieties of bushes in this area that also needed a drastic pruning.  My goodness, there’s a house back there!

Now my neighbor can see my house.  This is what I meant by the before looking better than the after.  I miss having a row of shrubs for privacy but have faith that they’ll grow back quickly.

I spend hours and hours pulling out Ivy from this area and I’m still not finished.  After this area is mulched and it grows back a bit, it will look nice.

Our neighbors have three grown children and I found the items below deep in the bushes when I pulled out the Ivy.  Note that there is an unopened can of Natty Ice.

It sure is more open now!  In my battle to pull out the Ivy snaking all through this area, I found a stake that marks the property line.  I didn’t realize that the majority of this border is my property.  I’m going to work hard from now on to keep it under control.

The pile of brush from this project is pretty large.  The city hopefully will pick it up very soon.  Between it and the mulch, we are running out of driveway.

I really do not like looking out my front door to see my neighbor’s car, woodpile, and trash cans.  The overgrown shrubs certainly hid those from my view.  Eventually, the after pictures will be great, but for now I’m missing the before view.

This is a four day week for me and I am so happy.  A four day week and then a four day weekend.  Woo-Hoo! 

Have a great week!

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  1. I always prune lightly, but earlier in the spring DOTR hired a couple of guys who went to town on some stuff and I FREAKED! But I have to admit, it looks much better now and came back from sticks in a matter of weeks.

    I am still kind of ticked at my neighbors behind us who took out all their trees and now I can see into their side yard and people from the street can see into my backyard (kinda). So much for topless sunbathing (laughing hysterically at the thought! ha!)

  2. I worked myself silly cutting back one hedge yesterday. 5 black garbage bags worth of trimmings are now sitting at the curb, I have a sunburn, and ache. Like you, I hope it looks better again soon. I’m a new follower via the blog hop. 🙂

  3. This weekend must have called a lot of us to do heavy pruning. I worked on shrubs and got a sunburn. I am also noticing somewhat of an allergy setting in. I also worked on my son’s ivy yesterday. That stuff can take over in no time.

  4. I love the little archeological finds. When we gutted the bathroom for a remodel several years ago, we found a beer can in the wall. It was one of the early pop-top cans. PBR.

  5. for the record..Mom on the run made me laugh!! OUR NEIGHBORS LET THEIR SHRUBBERRY grow through their fence and their Wisteria strangled my plants!

  6. I had to laugh when I saw your “finds” from the bushes. I bet the kids told their parents they didn’t know where those miscellaneous items went to!
    Oh, how I would miss that privacy after having it for so long. I hope your bushes grow at mach speed.

  7. It will grow back so fast. Love your yard. We have some drastic weeding that we need to do. Hugs, Marty

  8. WOW! Look at all of that stuff from the bushes. Gracious! So, if that had been an unopened bottle of wine, would you have opened it and poured a glass? I know you’re not a beer girl. That can makes me think of kids hiding in the bushes drinking stolen beer, not that I ever did anything like that.

    I’m sure your shrubs will grow back in no time and you’ll once again have your privacy. AND, it’s gonna look amazing when that happens. Just look the other direction when you come out the front door in the meantime.

    Have a great short week! Y’all hitting the lake this weekend for Memorial Day?

  9. You’ll be back to normal soon! I can see how you’d be torn between the clear/fresh look and also having the privacy. LOL at the Natty Ice!! My sister calls Natalie (“Natty Light”) :s

  10. that is one big pile on your driveway, but i’m sure it feels good pulling all that out. if only we could will our plants to grow faster, right?

  11. Your yarn looks nice and manicured. I know it is probably strange now to see your neighbors, but your privacy plantings will come up quickly.

    I had done this once before in my other home and the results at the end were worth waiting for.

  12. What a pretty lawn you have! We need rain so our grass is a bit on the brown side. Grrr.

    This is the first time I have visited here, and I just have to tell you that your blog looks adorable, and I think you look like Beth Moore. Are you related?

    Thanks for your nice comments on my blog-I appreciate them.

    I’ll be back!

  13. Oh, girl, I feel your pain! It’s hard to make yourself prune things when the overgrown foliage blocks a view you don’t want to see, isn’t it? But it’ll grow back soon, I’m sure–and how nice that you discovered your property line is further over than you thought!

    Your property is SO beautiful, Paula!

  14. I love all the work you are doing to improve your lot. It’s gorgeous and I learn so much. I hear you though – the in-between-stage on projects is so disappointing. It’s going to look amazing when they grow back in – can’t wait to see your AFTER after photos!

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