2010 Resolutions–How Did You Do?

Did you keep your 2010 resolutions?  Do you even remember the resolutions that you made??

Last year I set some goals for myself instead of making resolutions.  Want to see how I did?  Below are the goals that I set on December 28 at 7:12 am for 2010. 


My Goals:
1. Get back into running condition. I suffered with Plantar Fasciitis from April until November and couldn’t run much. I’m over the PF now, but the fat pad in my heel has thinned out so much that I still have pain when I make certain movements when the fat slides to the side and I’m left pushing on bone. I’m going to try to up my mileage slowly and then try to do one longer run a week.

I ran several times each week but did not add in a weekly long run.  Knock-on- wood, my PF didn’t bother me at all this year.  For 2011, I plan to run 4x per week and to do at least two half marathons, one in the spring and one in the fall.  I also want to get back on the track to do some speed work.  I’m as slow as molasses when I run right now.  I love to run and look forward to many, many runs in the woods in 2011.  (This is the trail where I do 95% on my running.)


2. Keep taking tennis lessons and try to keep improving. My goal is to feel like I’ve played well regardless of if I win or lose. I also am going to work on my temper and not beating myself up when I mess up. I am REALLY mean to me and so HORRIBLE things to myself. I’m going to be nicer to me!

I am still taking lessons and working on improving.  I keep getting better, but it is slow going.  I definitely don’t think that I’m playing as well I think I’m capable of playing.  I have gotten a lot better at letting my mistakes go and not dwelling on how many times I’ve messed up.  I’ve worked a lot on keeping a positive attitude but I have a long ways to go in that department.  I still say mean things to myself but will continue to focus on being nicer to me in 2011.


3. Help my mom more on her house and make curtains for at least one of the rooms on the main floor by the end of the summer.

My mom’s house looks great!  I helped some (not enough) and managed to make one set of curtains.  I hope to make more for her in 2011.  We are shopping for fabric today!


4. Design and build a better deer fence for my garden so we’ll have more fresh veggies to enjoy.

I bought some super duper strong mesh last summer to redo the fence.  What we designed for 2010 worked fine, but the drought did a number on my garden.  We didn’t harvest nearly as many vegetables as we do in a normal year.


5. Organize my craft supplies and the spare room upstairs. My craft things are in the basement and that project won’t take long. I’m getting all of Ruth’s sewing machines and supplies and it will be an effort to turn that room into a sewing area.

(Dec. 2010 note – Ruth is my mother-in-law, a fabulous seamstress who sadly passed away in 2009.)

Organize?  It depends on your definition of organization.  I think I need to add organizing back to the list for 2011.

6. Learn to use Ruth’s fancy sewing machine. It does embroidery and I’m ITCHING to monogram something!

I JUST GOT the machine, so I’ll move this goal to 2011.  I’m planning on taking lessons at the local Pfaff store since this machine is way more complex than my machine.

7. Learn how to use some of Mr. SP’s tools. (I started this one yesterday.)

I did learn to use some of Mr. SP’s tools but I’m still scared of the majority of them.  I think supervised use is the best thing for me. 


What I want to add to the list for 2011:

1.  Add yoga to my exercise routine.  I used to do yoga at least once a week and I felt so good then.  The Y has a 6 am class on Friday morning.  I won’t be able to stay for the whole class, but 40 min. would be better than no yoga at all.

2.  The landscaping in our yard needs some fine tuning.  We got a good start last year, but I want the yard to look great for 2011.

3.  Learn how to use the settings on my fancy camera.  I really am not a gadget person and need to take the time to really learn how to adjust the settings to take better pictures.

4.  Have as much fun as possible!  I want to travel and to spend as much time at the lake as I can in 2011.



What about you?  Did you accomplish your goals this year or keep your resolutions?  I hope to see a lot of posts similar to mine this week.  I find it motivating to see what others accomplished in a year.


  1. I never put my goals in writing. Therefore, they just slip away with no reminders. I like the variety of your goals. You inspire me!
    Happy New Year to you and Mr. SP!

  2. I’d say you did pretty darn good!! 🙂 I don’t even want to look at my list from last year…I’m betting the results were not good. :s

  3. I usually try to change a couple of things that aren’t working in my life when the new year rolls around. Last year I was dealing with a health issue that took up a lot of my time and energy. Although it has not completely been healed, I am a little better. I am still trying to decide what I would like to work on this coming year. Carla

  4. I think you did great Paula, you’re an inspiration. I had two goals that I was serious about for 2010. One was to work on a Habitat Project, which I did in New Orleans this year and I’ll be going back in March 2011 and the other was to finally retire. Tomorrow is my last day, so I’d say I’m feeling pretty good about 2010.

  5. I love that you kept track of your goals for 2010. I know I had some, but who knows what happened to them. Maybe 2011 will be the year to keep track for me. Maybe that’s my first goal?

    You on the other hand are INCREDIBLE! Where do you find the time and the energy? Kudos to you and Happy 2011!

  6. funny I had no resolutions other than to kick my tennis up and the women in my team were so disgusting, I ended up leaving the team- 8 months is too long of a season to endure with women who use tennis as a validation tool- so this year I plan on start playing on weekends and/or evenings- the work crowd I hear is much better.

    Great pics – have a great new year!

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