You Can’t Beat Free

Our friends recently bought a house with a yard full of Boxwood.  They don’t like Boxwood and told me to take as many plants as I’d like.  Many of their plants are overgrown and too big for the spaces that we needed to fill but luckily there were a lot of a smaller Boxwood variety on one side of their house that would work in our yard.  Two truck trips later we were ready to plant.


We put some of the plants in the planter by the patio.  You can tell that these Boxwoods have been growing very close together.  I’m hoping that now that they are in full sun and spaced out that they’ll begin to leaf out from the bottom.


These plants will help to separate the cars from the seating area.


We planted another group beside the screened porch.  I think a few of these may need some pruning to help them to grow into a nice shape.  Again, all of these were growing close to another plant so their shape is off.


We planted the next group by the steps.  I’ve got to figure out what to plant in this area.  Suggestions?  Perennials?  Flowering Shrubs? 


We couldn’t figure out where to put the two biggest shrubs, so we put them behind our house on the edge of a bed. 


We were pretty exhausted by the time all of these plants had been planted and there were five left.  We put them in the garden for the time being because I’m not sure where I want them.  If I can’t use them, Mama can plant them at her Walnut Avenue house.

It’s rained here on and off since Sunday evening.  The rain was just what these newly transplanted bushes needed.

A couple of more plant pictures…

Isn’t this plant pretty?  It is just up the hill from where we planted the two large Boxwood.



The plant to the left of this one is also interesting.  I don’t know what either are.  Anyone know?



Tomorrow is the retirement party after school for my friend here at the house.  I am really looking forward to it, but I need to get busy to prepare.


  1. Free is awesome. And I love boxwoods – I have many in my yard. Such a perfect plant.
    Yours look great!

  2. Hi Paula! I love your paver patio! It’s gorgeous. And you’ve landscaped it so nicely. I would go for perennials around your porch. They are so pretty and easy. And if you plan it right, you’ll have color all season long.

  3. Wow!! It is all really coming together. You really can’t beat the free boxwoods, can you??? 🙂

  4. I adore boxwood. We bought over 40 of them for the lakehouse to close in my English Garden and to edge another area. How lucky you were to get yours free!! They look gorgeous!!


  5. Very nice yard and pavers Paula! The new bushes look like you picked them special just for your yard. Amazing job! They will fill in and look gorgeous. 🙂

  6. Love free stuff always!

    Love the new patio and all the shrubs are so nice. I just saw where someone made a boxwood wreath for their door. Just an idea if you have any trimmings.

    Love all the neat things you received from your mother…love looking back with things from your history of your parents. I have a lot of neat things also. I might have to blog about it one day.

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