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2011 Waynesboro Christmas Tour

This past Saturday my mom, aunt, cousin, and I attended the Waynesboro Christmas Home Tour sponsored by the Wayne Theatre Alliance.

We started our tour at the Paradiso House, a 1910 two-story Colonial Revival built by David T. Coiner, Sr.  This house was extensively remodeled in 2008 and is beautiful.

The homeowners were busy talking to guests and I was only able to ask permission to take one photo.  The rest of the house was just as elegant as this room.

Next we toured the Scott home built in 1945 by William and Dorothy Porter.  The best feature of this home was the equestrian art by the owner’s daughter.

Susan has long admired the Zawhorodny home and we were delighted to get the chance to tour it.  This home was designed by Daley Craig in 1953 for Russell and Stella McDow.  The Zawhorodnys purchased the home in 2004 and completely remodeled it.  We adored the Williamsburg style of this home.

See the brown metal rectangle in the brick?  That’s a mail door which leads to a wooden door above a kitchen counter.

The Plummer House was built in 2008 by Jack and Kathy Plummer.


There was a creepy surprise waiting in the master bath of this home.
The décor in this home was certainly not my style but I did like the design of the house.

Our last home to tour was the Curry-Montgomery House built in 1959 for Dr. Bill Smith, Waynesboro’s first pediatrician.  It is currently owned by Dr. Sandra Curry and Mr. Thomas Montgomery.  The house was designed to simulate the French Quarter in New Orleans.

This antique Santa was designed in France and used as a papier-mache mold in eighteenth century England.

After the house tour, we made a quick stop by the country club to look at the decorations.CC1

And then went to the P. Buckley Moss Barn.  Nice view!

We laughed and had fun all day!

After all of that touring, we were hungry.  Mama prepared a most delicious lunch for us to enjoy.

We had a great day!  There’s nothing like spending the day with family doing something fun.  Mama recently stenciled her dining room wall. 


I hate that this picture is blurry.
I’ve been lucky to see a lot of Mama in the past few weeks.  This Saturday we will make a long drive to see my niece perform in The Nutcracker.

Does your area host a Christmas tour?  It’s been a few years since my town has had one.  When there is a tour, Mama and I always attend.


  1. What a fun time Paula! I love homes tours, especially those that people actually live it…real life tours! My favorite is the Zawhorodny home; the mail door and gorgeous mantle! Thanks for sharing!

  2. oh…GREAT picture of you and your mom. Two beautiful ladies!!! Isn’t it such a blessing when we spend time with them!!!

  3. We need to do a Christmas exchange program…you come here and we can look at doors all day. Then I’ll come there for the home tours! We have home tours but I seem to always miss the date. These are fabulous – except the bathtub thing – weird.

    It looks like you pretty ladies had a lot of fun. I love how you talk about your mom – so sweet.

  4. I haven’t been to a home tour in years, thanks for sharing yours Paula. Your mama looks fabulous, tell her I love the stenciling.

  5. I love house tours, too! But is has been a few years since we had one in our town at Christmas, too! I love the gold and magnolia table arrangement in the New Orleans Style home! Going to store that idea away for future use! Thanks for sharing your trip with us!

    Your mom did a wonderful job stenciling her walls! Very pretty!

  6. Oh, that looks like so much fun! I love home tours. Very pretty houses. The guy in the bath tub cracked me up. When I was little, this one family always had mannequins on their porch at Christmas. It was the Mama Kissing Santa scene. It was oddly creepy, but fun, too. Thanks for your nice comments about the wreath! Have a great weekend.

  7. What a fun day! I love that you and your mom do these tours together.

    I love that house built in the 1940’s. That’s one of my favorite eras in American history!

  8. thanks so much for stopping by my blog. Such pretty decor in this house tour. I haven’t done something like that in a while! How fun. Except the mannequin in the bathtub. That was scary ;-).

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