Our 2019 Christmas Trees

It’s the day after Thanksgiving and I hope the day was a good one for you, filled with the enjoyment of spending time with family and counting blessings.

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Are you ready for some Christmas tree inspiration?  Today I’m sharing our 2019 Christmas Trees as part of a Christmas Tree Decor Blog Hop hosted by Michelle of Our Crafty Mom.

Many thanks to Michelle for inviting me to participate in this fun event.  

Christmas tree are being shared both today and tomorrow.  I know that I’m going to enjoy seeing all of the trees beautifully decorated for Christmas.  You’ll find links for all of the trees shared at the end of this post.

Our 2019 Christmas Trees

I love the magic of a decorated Christmas tree.  I decorate two trees each year, one in our family room and the other on our enclosed porch.

Family Room Christmas Tree

Last week I shared A Very Vintage Christmas in the Family Room where I shared my mostly vintage Christmas decor.  This post will focus in on the star of the room, our Christmas tree.

Family Room Decorated for Christmas with Vintage

The family room is our main hang-out spot in our home and we enjoy the glow of this tree every night when as we watch tv.

Family room Christmas tree decorated with ornament collected over 25 years.

We have been married for 25 years and the ornaments on our tree are ones that we’ve collected over the years. 

Family room Christmas tree at night decorated with ornament collected over 25 years.

I love vintage and our tree topper is a reproduction of the 1970’s tree topper that my mom used in my youth.

Family room Christmas tree decorated with ornament collected over 25 years.

Along with our ornaments that we use each year, our tree is decorated with plaid ribbon and glittered icicles.

Family room Christmas tree at night decorated with ornament collected over 25 years.

I also use red and gold balls that purchased at the beginning our our marriage from a drugstore.  They are breakable and we’ve lost a few over the years.

Our Christmas Tree Skirt

Santa Claus felt Christmas tree skirt made in the early 1970's

My grandmother made our Christmas tree skirt in the early 1970’s and I can’t remember a childhood Christmas when this skirt wasn’t under our tree.

My grandmother must have spent hours and hours making this for us.  She doubled her effort by making an identical one for my aunt’s family that my aunt still uses.  I enjoy seeing it every Christmas when we visit her family.

Santa Claus felt Christmas tree skirt made in the early 1970's
Santa Claus felt Christmas tree skirt made in the early 1970's

My mom passed this skirt along to me a few years ago and I love it as much now as I did when I was a child.

A Few of Our Ornaments

P Buckley Moss Christmas Tree Ornament

Every year my mom gives me a P. Buckley Moss Christmas ornament.  I have quite the collection of these ornaments!  

P. Buckley Moss Christmas Ornament

This one reminds me of our bike riding days when we would ride through rural parts of the Shenandoah Valley through Mennonite farm country.

USS Peppermint Hallmark Christmas Ornament

My husband brought a collection of Hallmark ornaments to our marriage, all gifts from his parents.  

Sherman Skulina Santa Claus Christmas Ornament

We have oodles of dog ornaments on our tree.  This one was purchased last year because it resembles our precious fur baby, Sherman.

Christmas Tree Ornaments

Many of our ornaments are handmade like this sparkly snowflake and the cottage painted by my father-in-law.

Hallmark Equestrian Christmas Ornament

I was an equestrian growing up and there are a few horse ornaments on our tree.  This horse looks a lot like my last horse, Hybra Ice.

My husband and his dad love airplanes.  On a date shortly after I met my husband, he took me flying.  It was a day straight out of a Hallmark movie. 

Hallmark Airplane Christmas Tree Ornament

Each year Mr. SP and his dad give each other a Hallmark airplane ornament.

Our Porch Tree

Our second tree is on our enclosed porch.  We live on a corner lot and our neighbors can see our tree as they drive or walk by.  Several neighbors have thanked me for putting this tree up extra early this year.

A Very Vintage Christmas on the Porch - An enclosed porch is decorated for Christmas with vintage.

Look for a post sharing our porch’s vintage Christmas decor next week.

Christmas tree decorated with 1970's satin yellow and red balls, plaid ribbon, and glittered icicles.

My former teacher assistant recently cleaned out her attic and offered me a collection of vintage Christmas balls.  I was delighted to receive yellow and green balls exactly like ones my mom used on our tree in the 1970’s.

Christmas tree decorated with 1970's satin yellow and red balls, plaid ribbon, and glittered icicles.

I have a plaid theme going for my Christmas decor and used plaid ribbon on both of our trees and also our mantel.  Be on the lookout for this year’s mantle design on Monday!

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Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas

I hope you enjoyed seeing my Christmas trees.  Now it’s time to get enjoy the trees decorated by my blogging friends.

40 Stunning Christmas trees decorated in a variety of styles

Pour yourself a beverage and enjoy the Christmas tree inspiration shared today and be sure to come back tomorrow for more Christmas tree inspiration.


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    1. Thank you so much, Maria! We’ve amassed a ton of ornaments over our 25 year marriage. It is a joy to display them each year.


  3. The vintage simplicity, along with the stories of your ornaments bring the true “spirit” of Christmas to what the season should still be all about – family & love. Thank you for sharing.

  4. Paula, both of your trees are absolutely gorgeous and so sentimental! Those glitter icicles immediately caught my attention. They give the look of real icicles dripping down from the branches. I remember those vintage red and gold ornaments from my childhood, too! There are so many great highlights here, but I think my absolute favorite is that tree skirt your grandmother made. How special is that!

    1. Thank you, Crissy! My aunt has the same tree skirt that my grandmother made and she still uses it under her tree. I’m so glad that my mom passed it along to me.


  5. Your trees are gorgeous, Paula. It’s so wonderful that you have the skirt that’s been passed down to you. Those kinds of treasures always bring such great memories.

  6. Paula I just love that you use your ornaments that you two have collected your entire marriage and before, that really makes for a magical, special tree. Thanks so much for sharing it.

  7. Both of your trees are lovely. You tree skirt brought back such great memories of Christmases as a child. So sweet. And who gets to say “our Porch tree”?! Loved it too. I think I’ll try my hand at doing the ribbon like you did next year.

    1. I love the ribbon but now I’m obsessed with adding berry picks after seeing how great they look on trees seen on this tour.


  8. Paula, there are so many things I absolutely love about your trees. All of the vintage items and personal ornaments really make them special. Thank you so much for participating in the Christmas Tree Decor Blog Hop! Happy Holidays!

  9. I love when trees have a history and the ornaments have meaning. It really makes the tree special and even more beautiful. Your tree is beautiful!

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