Am I in Junior High Again?

Did you used to buy matching outfits with your BFF when you were in Junior High?  I might not have purchased an outfit that was an exact match back then, but I do remember that we all wore pretty much the same thing: Izod shirts, oxford cloth shirts, Levi’s, wrap-around skirts, and we carried wooden handled purses with with a changeable fabric cover.  I still have that purse!

My tennis partner and I bought matching tennis dresses this weekend.  We went to the “other” club in town to check out a 50% off sale that we heard about and scored these dresses for half off.  My dress is black and Elsie’s is blue.  You can’t really tell that we don’t match perfectly.

Love them!  I could wear mine 24/7, it is that comfortable.  I love a bargain!  We’ll also be intimidating to our opponents in our matching outfits.



  1. Oh yes, I remember buying outfits that we almost identical to one another. There would be very little difference in them.

    I love your tennis dresses. Very cute and chic.

  2. Very cute tennis dresses. And I remember the purses with wooden handles and changeable fabric covers. I wish I still had mine. Our schools were just canceled…I was enroute taking one son to early morning practice.

  3. Lookin good girl. Geez, you’re in great shape. It’s always nice to find tennis gear at a bargain. Now if only I could find the Adidas Barricade’s I want at a bargain price.

  4. Cute! Cute! both of you and your outfits! You are way too young to remember but my childhood friend Bonnie and I had Dr. Kildare dresses alike that our mothers made. He was Richard Chamberlain and we had the biggest crush on him. Paula, I scrolled down through your blog and you always come up with the most interesting topics!


  5. Oh those are so cute! You look great Paula. I want to be in good shape like you are!

    Thank you for entering my giveaway! *Smiles*

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