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I like to use these to scrub food-encrusted pans that aren’t quite bad enough to need an SOS pad.  A package of two at Kroger is $1.49.


To make these last a little longer, I cut each pad into four pieces.

IMG_2753One small piece is perfect for scrubbing a pot or pan.  I use the piece until it looks like it needs to be tossed and then get out a fresh one. 

For less than $.20 each, these are a real bargain for the amount of work they can do.   A two-pack package will also last for quite a while.

On a side note, I’m really bummed that a big snow is coming this weekend.  Snow is only supposed to happen during the week! 


  1. Oh Paula sweetie…
    Aren’t these the greatest? Our Fry’s carries Kroger products and I purchase these all the time. They are great for scrubbing lots of things. Just love them. Thanks for sharing, because it reminded me I need to add to my grocery list.

    Have a beautiful Thursday sweetie. Country hugs from Country Wings in Phoenix…Sherry

  2. Good tip! 🙂

    We’re supposed to get snow here too. I am bummed b/c it will mean slow sales for the store. 🙁

  3. I use the same ones faithfully every time I do any handwashing. I’ll have to take your advice and start cutting them down to size.

  4. I use the same scrubby pads and I cut them down also…they are easier to manage at a smaller size. We are supposed to start getting ice and snow around 6:00 this evening. The kids are already planning for no school tomorrow.

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