Patriotic Summer Home Tour

I’m super excited to be participating in the Bloggers’ Best Summer Home Tour, hosted by my friend Kelly from The Tattered Pew!

30 amazing bloggers are sharing their summer homes for your enjoyment and inspiration! If you arrived here from Tattertots and Jello, welcome!

Summer Home Tour

Blogger's Best Summer Home Tours

Living Room

I had so much fun decorating my home patriotically for summer!

Living room and mantel decorated patriotically with vintage.

Sherman welcomes you to his formal living room where he spends his time lounging on his sofa or stretched out in front of an air conditioning vent.

Patriotically decorated living room

Vintage is my jam and I love decorating with my inherited treasures.

Patriotic vignette

Every year I enjoy creating a mantel for the 4th of July.

patriotic mantel

Crystal candle holders from Lamp’s plus with red candles and milk glass vases with flags look very patriotic.

patriotic mantel

4th of July themed ribbon adds color to the candles.

red candle with ribbon

A red toolbox filled with Hydrangea graces the hearth.

red toolbox filled with hydrangea

More patriotic decor decorates the music stand beside the fireplace.

The hat belonged to my grandmother’s cousin who grew up in the 1912 house where my mom lives. You won’t believe what I used to make the frame for the chalkboard!

Patriotic vignette

My grandmother’s chest is also decorated patriotically.

Chest of drawers decorated patriotically

Mr. SP built this tugboat when he was in junior high school.

Model tugboat

He and his dad spent hours and hours in their Chicago basement building models.

Model tugboat

I love all of the details that he added to this tugboat.

Anchor for a model tugboat

I hardly ever am attracted to new home decor, but I had to have this cute sailboat when I spotted it on Etsy. I can’t wait to use it in our lake house. The vase was a craft project that I made last summer.

Framed sailboat and red, white and blue vase with Baby's Breath

Dining Room

Dining room

The centerpiece on the table is the very first woodworking project that Mr. SP and I did together.

American flag centerpiece

The Czech vases belonged to Mr. SP’s grandparents. I love how they catch the light!

Oak buffet with blue Czec Glass

This washstand and the art over it belonged to my grandmother.

Chest decorated patriotically

The bicentennial jar is filled with painted ping pong balls.

painted ping pong balls in a glass jar

This George Washington postcard is one of my favorites.

George Washington postcard
Vintage postcard

Sherman humors his mother and wears his Uncle Sam costume every 4th of July.

dog in an uncle sam costume

Family Room

This is where we hang out every night watching tv or reading. I’m loving the new pillow covers with pom-poms on our sofas.

Family room

The coffee table is decorated with a Coca Cola theme.

Coffee table decorated with Coke products

The Coca Cola crate is decorated with Hydrangea in a tin, a Mason jar filled with sparklers, and a sign by the same Etsy seller as the ship sign in the living room.

Patriotic centerpiece

My grandmother used this Coke caddy and the bottles that it holds to transport extra flowers to church and garden club.

Vintage Coke caddy

The beer cans are from Mr. SP’s childhood collection.

Vintage beer cans

Summer and baseball go hand in hand.

1920’S GOLDSMITH BASEBALL GLOVE, 1970s baseball trophy, and bowl of baseballs

The baseball glove was my grandfather’s (see more of his gloves and my dad’s here). The balls belonged to my brother.

Bowl of baseballs

The trophy was also my brother’s. My brother was tragically killed in a hunting accident and it means a lot to me to decorate with things that belonged to him.

1970s baseball trophy

The baseball theme continues on the other end table.

Living room corner decorated with a vintage thermos, baseballs, and Zane Gray books

Mr. SP and I made the baseball book ends. The books are Zane Grey. The Micky Mantle signed baseball made a trip to the Antiques Roadshow but sadly isn’t the real deal.

End table decorated with baseballs

The cooler is my latest vintage find. The cups beside it were given to me by a friend a few years ago.

Ted Williams Sportsman's Jug Sears
Patriotic Vignette

Summer makes me think of vacation bible school. The bible was my grandmother’s and she used the green bowl to weave a basket during bible school.

Vintage scene on a pie safe

Granny was awarded this certificate in 1932.

1932 vacation bible school certificate

Granny’s Sunday school teacher gave her the bible.

1926 bible

This Fanta caddy was also used by my grandmother to transport flowers.

Fresca drink caddy

The Virginia Beach postcards were sent between my two great-great-aunts in the early 1900s.

Vintage Virginia Beach Postcards

Breakfast Room

It’s so nice for this table to once again be used solely for eating and not as Mr. SP’s office. A ruffled table runner that I made and a Hydrangea centerpiece decorate it for summer.

Hydrangea in a milk glass compote

I hope you enjoyed my summer home tour. Your next stop is The Ponds Farmhouse.

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Patriotic Summer Mantel

Blogger’s Best Summer Home Tour

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  1. Paula,
    I love all your vintage treasures. The oval bird prints are very similar to a bird print I inherited from my aunt. I adore decorating with vintage too. So fun doing these together!

  2. Oh, Paula–you have outdone yourself! It is always a treat to see your lovely vintage treasures. I adore the toolbox filled with hydrangeas and your hubby’s tugboat display is so special! It is a pleasure to join you for another tour! Blessings, Cecilia @My Thrift Store Addiction

  3. Paula, amazing tour. Love your family treasures, especially the tug boat Mr. SP built.

    Having the caddies your grandmother used to bring flower are awesome.

    Sorry to read about your brother. It’s nice you honor him by cherishing his items.

    Pinned of course

  4. I love how you combine family heirlooms with vintage finds throughout your home, Paula! Your husband’s tugboat and your brother’s trophy are both such perfect summer accents. And your hydrangeas are beautiful!

  5. Paula, your home is beautiful and cozy! I love the way you use all of your many treasures and tell us the history of each piece. It is wonderful that you can include your brother’s things too.
    Thanks for the tour,

  6. I always love visiting your home, Paula! So many unique treasures to be seen! I love the red tool box and your grandpa’s chest. How special it is to decorate with the keepsakes from your brother and your other family members. Thanks for always inviting us in!

  7. I always enjoy touring your beautiful home each season, Paula. I love all of the patriotic touches you added, especially the pretty hydrangeas. And how special and meaningful to incorporate family pieces and a special tribute to your brother. Happy to be touring with you this week. Pinned!

  8. You know I love all of your treasures, right?! And the ones from your family just give me goosebumps! Your posts always take me back to the days when I was young. This time it reminded me of Vacation Bible School. I think it was the certificate awarded to your grandmother. We got something similar at the end of the week. Wish they still gave out stuff like that. Loved touring with you this week. Everything was beautiful. I told the Mister about the first patriotic centerpiece y’all made and I’m hoping we can make one too. Loved it! Happy summer.

    1. Thank you so much, Cindy! I’m pretty sure that Mama saved my VBS certificates. She just brought me a gigantic scrapbook and I’ll bet that they are in there.

  9. Paula, I love all your vintage finds and inherited treasures! That red toolbox is so fun! I love how you brought patriotic decor to so many corners of your home!!

  10. I always love seeing your seasonal decor and finding out where it all came from! Looks lovely, and the Lamps Plus candle holders word well with your vintage items, too! Are the hydrangeas from your garden? They are so fluffy! The white is perfect! Pinned!

  11. Paul you always have the best treasures with stories attached! I love how sentimental you are and I had no idea about your brother . So sorry! I enjoyed every picture and all of your patriotic touches! Pinned! Thanks for joining me this week!

    1. Thank you so much, Kelly! This was my favorite of all of the blog tours that I’ve participated in over the years.

  12. I always enjoy seeing your vintage treasures, especially your patriotic memorabilia. So nice to honor your brother as well. The Czech vases and Coca-Cola crate have always been favorites of mine. Happy Summer!

  13. Paula your home looks spectacular, so summery! I love all of your sentimental treasures, especially the ones that remind you of your brother. You have an amazing collection of vintage items and you display them very artfully. Enjoy the summer!

  14. Paula I love all your vintage finds and how cute is your dog styling your living room! xoxo That oval bird print is super cool – I totally want one. I hope you have a wonderful summer Paula! xoxoxo

  15. You’ve done an amazing job of bring red, white and blue into every area of your home. I find this patriotic decorating very interesting – it’s just not something that we do here in New Zealand, but I do love that you do it.

  16. Lovely, as always. Paula, I would love to know how you store your seasonal décor. You always seem to have just the right item for every occasion.

  17. I wish I could thrifting with you! Such great pieces in your home! Your home has a lovely feel and the Patriotic decor is beautiful.

  18. As usual I have enjoyed seeing all your vintage treasures, and of I would love to hoard them all! Loving all your patriotic and summer touches, especially all the old soda items. Of course I adore seeing all the ways you used fresh hydrangeas too.

    Your newer neutral chairs are perfect for summer, love the pillows!

    Happy Summer!

  19. Paula, I love visiting your home and today’s tour was such a treat! All of your festive touches and beautiful vintage items are just lovely. I am so sorry about your brother. It is so special how you incorporate meaningful and sentimental items into your home decor.

  20. I was looking forward to your tour all week! I couldn’t wait to see howyou used vintage and family treasures to decorate for summer and you did not disappoint! Beautiful as always!

  21. Your home is beautiful! I love the tugboat your husband made with his dad and the Czech vases are lovely. It is a nice tribute to include some mementos from your brother. I love that your home is filled with memories of loved ones and cherished moments.
    Sherman is the perfect greeter and so cute in his outfit. Was your Antique Roadshow segment aired???. Happy Summer!

  22. Funny story, I read most of this post the other day and got distracted. I just sat down at my computer and realized I never finished your post! So this window has been open for several days! Anyway, I love all of your vintage goodness! Your grandmother’s Bible is so special to you I am sure! My hubby is a Zane Grey fan too! Pinned! Happy summer!

  23. You have so many wonderful vintage pieces tied up with memories! I love Mr SP’s tugboat and Sherwin’s 4th of July costume!

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