Introducing Our New Playground

Our dock at the lake is now complete!  Our boat now has a home and we now have a place to relax.

This is what you see when you enter our cove by boat.  Our dock is in the center of the photo and our lot is the wooded area to the right behind it.

The stationary part of the dock will be a high jump into the water when the lake levels drop.  We’ve been told that the steps on our floater may not be high enough in dry years.  We have deep water, so even if the lake drops drastically, we’ll be able to take our boat out.  It’s sad in dry years to see a dock surrounded by land instead of water.

In the past week the water in our cove has turned green.  We’ve noticed this happening every August since we owned the property.  It will clear up when the weather cools in a month or so.  We went swimming on Sunday and I worried that the green might make me not want to get into the water, but once I jumped in I didn’t notice the color.

We plan to put a table and chairs under the covered area and lounge chairs in the open area.

Many dock designs include a bar area but we didn’t think we’d ever use one, so we just have a storage room.  The refrigerator used to be in my grandmother’s nursing home room and Mr. SP made the table long ago when he lived in an apartment.  It’s nice to be able to keep cold drinks at the lake and not have to pack a cooler every time we go.
Refrigerator in room

My old tack trunk from my horse show days is perfect for storing life jackets and noodles.  My grandfather made this for me when I was in junior high and I know he’d be thrilled that I am still using it.
Tack trunk in room

The storage room is also nice for changing into or out of a swim suit.  No more riding home with wet clothes!

The following pictures show a panoramic water view from the dock.  The light was incredible in one direction the night these were taken.

Sitting on a dock looking at the water is an ultimate form of relaxation. 

A chair might be nice in the future, but for now sitting on the wood is fine with me.

Thank goodness there’s still some summer left for lake enjoyment!


  1. I don’t think I’ve ever called a boat dock beautiful but this one is Paula. What a wonderful start to many many years of memories.

  2. Oh my goodness! That is awesome! I am just a little jealous of all that lovely water and a great place to hang out when you want to be near it! (It’s been 105 here everyday forever, and I am hot and jealous of everyone that has nice cool water to jump into!)

    I love how you re-purposed your tack box. I am sure that your grandfather would be delighted to know that you are still using it.

  3. Wow, Paula! What a great space you’ve created! Your dock looks wonderful. I think you were really smart to put the room there–I can think of so many uses for an enclosed space. Are you allowed to keep a grill of any kind there? I can just imagine cooking burgers and hot dogs right by the lake.

    Your property looks just beautiful. Do you plan to build a cabin or house on it some day? Ah, to have a lake house. . . .

  4. What an awesome spot for you guys! I love that you have a little storage area now…the fridge was a brilliant idea!

  5. Oh how wonderful! So happy you have a place to camp out! I wish you many wonderful days there! Your trip to Newport looked like so much fun…have a great school yr..your students are very fortunate!

  6. Hi Paula, that is the best looking dock I’ve ever seen!! Wow! The lake looks beautiful too…We have a lake around here that has a green tint, but it is still the prettiest lake around. We have a small sailboat, but we have not even been out on it this year yet. It’s been too hot, but I think after hubby bought it he found out just how much work a sailboat is! lol…His dad ended up buying a used bass boat so I think he would rather be on it fishing. I’m so glad you got your dock!

    I’m ready to decorate for fall, but I will wait until Sept. for sure. I’m so ready for cooler temps! Have a great day! Kristen

  7. Paula, I love it! You have a fantastic place to have fun and relax. I would enjoy views like that. Carla

  8. So happy for you! Your dock is beautiful and I see you spending many days there! Agree, sitting by the water is the best!! Enjoy 🙂

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