Another Big Project

A big project has begun at our house.  Can you guess what it is?




Have you guessed what’s happening?  Here is your final hint.


We’re having an irrigation system installed.

Even with regular watering all of the beautiful new grass that we had this spring died.  Weeds took over and the most horrible weed of all, Bermuda Grass, took residence.  I decided to kill our lawn and start fresh.  I killed a section that is surrounded by road or driveway back in August.  I figured that I would start there because the area was contained by concrete or asphalt.  My intentions were good, but work and life got in the way, so we called in the pros.  All of our yard has been sprayed to die except for the very back yard.  We are hoping that with the help of an irrigation system, we’ll grow such a thick and healthy lawn that a weed won’t stand a chance.  This week the guys are installing the irrigation system.  After the grass dies, they’ll replant and we’ll hope for the best.  We are past the last grass planting date around here (Oct. 15) but hopefully we’ll have good weather and our seed will germinate.

The section of lawn shown below is terrible.  The ground is uneven from tree trucks driving over it last spring and the “grass” is mostly weeds.  I am very excited to get rid of my enemy, the Bermuda Grass, in this section.  I’ve spent way too many hours digging it out or spraying it with Round-Up when it creeps into my landscape beds.


The white line that you see painted on the lawn in the picture below shows where the new grass project stops.  The very back of our lawn is not so terrible and we don’t want to invest money in rehabbing it.   You can also see the steps that Mr. SP constructed in the picture below.  He’s almost finished with them.


It’s exciting to have a big project going on and it will be even more exciting when we have some beautiful grass that is weed free.

Have a great Tuesday!  For me it’s one where I leave the house at 5:30 am and won’t be home until dark.  Long days are a killer!


  1. I am so jealous. We need one of these desperately. Until recently, the water line from the street was not big enough to supply enough pressure so we couldn’t get one. Now we have two kids in college, so I think I’ll be out there watering by hand for a few more years!

  2. Yup, I recognize the trenches from when we had this done. BTW Paula I am in love with your circular driveway, actually I’m insanely jealous to be truthful. Just remember a water bill from watering can run away if you don’t keep Mr. SP in check, I speak from experience.

  3. i love landscaping projects! ..Ive never done one that big though. Im sure it will keep the new lawn looking great!

  4. I am jealous. My husband would love to have an irrigation system in our yard. It is a constant battle to keep it looking good.

  5. That is a big project, Paula, but hopefully a very rewarding one! I love reading about the progress you have going on. 🙂

  6. Yeah for you!!! We have sprinklers in the back yard, but just have never gotten around to doing the front yard, and boy can you tell the difference.

    Now next spring we expect lots of gorgeous garden photos!

  7. How exciting, Paula! It makes a mess to have an irrigation system installed, but it’s so nice to be able to keep your lawn watered. And no more dragging hoses around!

    I hope your lawn grows beautifully after this. Your property is so pretty!

  8. How exciting for y’all. It would be so nice not to have to hear the time going off every 20 minutes so Hubby can go move the sprinkler ALL SUMMER LONG!

    Love the steps Mr. SP constructed! Your whole yard/landscaping looks beautiful!!

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