Arrival of the Baby Grass!

I hope that all is well with everyone who was in Irene’s path.  We were too far west of the storm to suffer any damage although we did have high winds and received a bit of rain.  This morning I peeped out the window to see how many sticks I’d need to pick up post-storm and was pleasantly surprised to see grass sprouting in our freshly planted yard. 

The area seen below was an uneven, rough mess where trucks drove over it when we had a tree taken down while our driveway was being constructed.  It’s nice and smooth now and will be a pleasure to mow in a view weeks.  Previously it was an ankle twist waiting to happen.

Late August is a lull between summer and autumn blooms.  Soon mums, anemones, goldenrod, and aster will bloom bring color back to this bed.

It’s going to be a pleasure to watch the yard get greener and greener with each passing day.  I can’t wait!


  1. your favorite color is going to be green..lol
    i hope it all sprouts well and soon for you.

    Nice to hear irene didnt effect you too much.

  2. It is thrilling to see that little green fuzz start to appear, just think by this time next year you’ll be mowing twice a week.

  3. Yep, I see that green popping up. If you’re looking to pick up sticks, come to my house. I’m heading out this morning to finish that little job. Thank-you, Irene.

  4. Your yard is like my 14-year-old son–almost in need of a shave! How fun to see the grass sprouting up. I just love your attitude toward yard work. I need to try to be like you!

  5. Your neighbors might think you all are crazy now, but they’ll be GREEN with envy soon. 😉

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