Oil to Electric Antique Lamps

In decorating I almost always prefer an antique over something new and lighting is no exception.  The other day I started thinking about lamps and realized that I’ve purchased one lamp in my entire life. In 1991 with my first teacher paycheck I bought a new brass lamp for my apartment.  I still use it in an upstairs bedroom.  And yes, I like brass!

Any other lamp that is in my home was either given to me by my mother or Mr. SP had it before we were married.  (Some of those just may have taken a ride to Goodwill over the years.)

Many of the lamps given to me by my mom are oil lamps converted to electric.  What I love about these lamps is that different shades can be purchased to fit the décor of a room.

How about an old lamp tour?

This lamp is in my formal living room.  It’s had a variety of shades over the years.  The shade I’m currently using is antique and was recently purchased from a Mennonite couple who operate a lamp shop out of the Dayton Farmer’s Market in Dayton, VA.  I spotted this shade high on a display shelf and knew from minute one that it would come home with me.
LR Lamp

This lamp gives off a soft, pretty light at night.
LR Night

Mama, chief purchase enabler, told me that I should buy this or I’d regret it. 
LR Shade

This lamp is in my dining room.  Mama picked this shade out long ago and it probably came from the same shop.  This shade was purchased new.
DR LampDR Lamp Night

This lamp is beside Mr. SP’s chair in our family room.  I have several seasonal paper shades that I use on it for fall, Halloween, and Christmas.  A white shade works for any season.
FR LampFR Night

This lamp is a bit smaller and resides on the bedside table in our bedroom.
BR LampBR Night

I actually like a lot of modern lamps, it just never occurs to me to buy one.  Since it’s been twenty years since I made my one and only lamp purchase, I think I just may look for something new to mix in with the old in my home.

What about you?  Do you prefer old to new or is your lighting all modern?

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  1. Miss Char says:

    I like a nice mixture of both Paula so I say get out there and look for something you like that will add to the charm of all your oil lamps.

  2. Jennifer Juniper says:

    I can remember lamps like this from my house growing up. I tend toward newer lamps, but only because it matches more with my decor.

  3. Amanda @ Serenity Now says:

    We have one oil lamp that I keep on hand for emergencies/power outages. I didn’t know they make shades for them. Cool!!

  4. I like your lamps particularly the white shade ones. They look like milk glass. I love new lamps. They’re so inexpensive now and come in so many amazing colors and finishes.

  5. I love your oil lamps and shades. The Dayton couple have a wonderful shop, and your recent purchase is just gorgeous. My MIL was quite a collector of old lamps so we just brought them all here. I have a few cut shades that I use with some of my oil lamps. And I have several Gone With The Wind types and hanging lamps. I have two that are stored. I just don’t know what to do with them.

    I don’t do too well buying new lamps. My daughter recently told me the ones that I bought for my son were perfectly horrible. She may be right. Maybe a shade change-out would help.

  6. I love that lamp shop in Dayton. I’ve never bought a WHOLE lamp from them, but I have bought plenty of parts. Too bad they don’t have a punch card for frequent shoppers.

  7. Blondie's Journal says:

    You are a real romantic! These lamps really prove that…so lovely and sweet. I love them all!

    My hubby prefers recessed and track lighting while I love lamps. He is slowly coming around now that he realizes they are easier to read by! ;-D


  8. Your lamps are lovely, Paula! I don’t have a single antique lamp in my house. . . but I sure do have a lot of lamps! I have a couple of “nice” lamps that cost a good bit, but most of my lamps have come from TJMaxx, Home Goods, Tuesday Morning, etc. I love to dress them up with tassels, etc.

    A couple of years ago Nester had a blog party called “Lampapalooza.” I think it was the very first blog party I ever participated in!

  9. KM @ This Plate is Full says:

    those are sweet little lamps Paula! And I love the soft light they give off at night ! very nice!

    Our house needed to be all rewired so no, i don’t have any old lamps – except for one that was passed down from my grandmothers house , but it needs to be fixed , so in the basement it stays.

  10. I just bought two new lamps this weekend. Wish you had been there. I found a really cute shop in Roswell and they were having a lamp sale.

  11. FrouFrouBritches says:

    So pretty! I like the white shade. It reminds me of one my grandmother had.

    I hate to admit it, but I have one tiny lamp and all of the rest is overhead lighting. Now that the kids are bigger, I might could have lamps, but I always had a fear of them yanking the cords and pulling the lamps down on top of them.

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