Asters for Fall

Asters - A Long Blooming Fall Plant I can’t believe that my Asters are still blooming.  It’s November 5th and we’ve yet to have a hard frost in my area of Virginia.  This plant has been blooming non-stop for over a month!


Asters look a bit like a Daisy up close.  My Asters were passed along to me by a very good friend years and years ago.  My patch continues to spread as the years go by and I let it for the most part.

Purple Asters


From my deck you can see what a large patch of Asters I have.  I love how they tumble from the top bed by the street to the lower landscape bed.

Asters in My Lanscape Bed


I’m lucky to have something blooming from the first bulbs in March until now.

Asters and Beautyberry

Our neighborhood has a lot of walkers and it pleases me to no end when I’m told how much my flowers are enjoyed all season.

Beautiful Asters


I wanted a Beautyberry for years after first noticing them in North Carolina.  Mine has really grown over the years.BeautyBerry


Catmint has been blooming since early spring.  I love that the deer don’t touch this plant and it attracts pollinators.Cat Mint


My grandmother passed along these tall fall blooming Anemones to me.  You can see that the deer have eaten some of the blooms from this plant.Fall Blooming Anemone


Who would think that Rudbeckia whose peak is the heat of the summer would still be blooming now?



I didn’t think my Pineapple Sage would ever bloom.  I’ve been waiting and waiting and now that it is time for frost, it blooms.PIneapple Sage

By next week I’ll bet that my Asters will be killed by frost.  I have so much enjoyed them this year!

Asters Tumbling Down the Hill

What is still blooming in your yard?

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  1. Paula, I love this post! I know you work so hard in your garden, and it tickles me to think of folks walking in your neighborhood, enjoying your beautiful flowers.

    I don’t have anything blooming right now except my perennial lantana. No frost yet here, either, so they’re still going strong! I should get some asters. My birthday is in September, and the aster is the September flower. When I was a small girl, my grandmother gave me a little china figurine of an angel holding a bouquet of asters. The pedestal said “September – Aster Angel.” I’d completely forgotten about it until I read your post! 🙂

  2. They are gorgeous! I have a special fondness for aster daisies as my brother and his wife used them from their fields for wedding decorations. It was so rustic and special – kind of like them.

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