DIY Lounge Chair Cover

Pool and beach time are nearly here and that means hours of relaxation in a comfortable lounge chair. 

Draping a towel over the chair is a common practice but isn’t it annoying when the wind blows the towel off? 

Solve that problem by making a chair cover with a back pocket to hold the cover in place.  An additional side pocket for sunscreen and a magazine or book is an added bonus. 

If you can sew a straight line, this simple project is for you.

DIY Lounge Chair Cover by

Supplies Needed:

2 Bath Towels (30” x 54”)

1 Hand Towel (16” x 26”)



Sewing Machine

Towels for Chair Cover


1.  Place a bath towel on a work surface wrong side up.  Fold down the top edge 16 1/2” and pin into place.

Chair Cover - Fold Top of Towel Down

Sew the side edges.  This forms the pocket that will go over the back of the lounge chair.

Chair Cover - Stich sides with top folded down

2.  Match the ends of the two bath towels together overlapping the edges by 1/4”.  Pin in place and sew.

Chair Cover - Pin two towels together
Stitch in Place

3.  Put the cover on the lounge chair and decide on the best location for the magazine pocket.  This will vary according the lounge chair design.  Mark the pocket location with a few pins.

4.  Make the magazine pocket using the hand towel.  Start by folding the top edge down 5”, pin, and sew.

Pocket - Fold edge over 5 Inches

5.  Turn the hand towel over and pin 1 1/2” from the main towel edge.  Stitch into place on the three sides that overlap.

Pin Pocket 1.5 Inches
Pocket Edge Sewn to Main Towel

6.  Form the magazine pocket by folding the hand towel up so that the edges match on all sides.  Pin into place and stitch the two sides.  This forms a handy pocket for your sunscreen or book!

Finishing Pocket

7.  Put your new cover on your chair, relax, and enjoy!

DIY Lounge Chair Cover2
Lounge chair cover made from towels with a pocket for magazines

This tutorial was originally written for Clutch Magazine and I’m delighted to also share it here on my blog.

Clutch Article
Lounge Chair Cover made using towels with a pocket to hold magazines


  1. I don’t sew but I had to come by and see what you came up with. I really need a few of these, we use my old quilts! Now, I’m a little confused. Were you published in Clutch Magazine? if so, a big congratulations!


    1. Jane,
      Using old quilts is a great idea! My article was published in Clutch Magazine. I am thrilled to write for them!

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