Beach to Fall Themed Mantel

My mantel has been sporting a beach theme since we got back from the beach on July 4.  Two and a half months of a beach look is enough.  Fall is nearly here and it’s time for a change.

The beach look:


I started with some new artwork for over the fireplace.  The fabric that I used is vintage Waverly from the late 70’s.  The pattern is Old Sturbridge Village.  The former owner of our house made curtains for many of the windows using this fabric.  I didn’t like the curtains back in 1993 when I took them down, but I liked the fabric and washed and saved some of it “just in case.”

I bought three art canvas at Michael’s and stapled the fabric to each canvas.  Mr. SP attached a saw tooth hanger to the back of each frame and I hung them using 3M hangers.  I love that these can be easily removed without damaging your wall or paint.  I should have let Mr. SP do all of the hanging because I attached two of the hangers in the wrong place and had to start all over.  Luckily they come with two strips.


Here’s the Fall look:


I distressed my two white candlestick holders with some sandpaper to make them look old and worn.

When I bought them:


Painted for Summer:

And now distressed for Fall:

The gourds in the hurricanes and in the center container are leftovers from previous fall seasons.  I never throw out my gourds unless they rot.  They dry beautifully.  I’ll do a how-to post on this soon.




Getting a small start on fall decorating makes me feel good.  I hope to get a bit more done this week.  Work just gets in the way of fun stuff like decorating.

I put the Osage Oranges in a wooden bowl on my dining room table.  I love their brain-like shape.




I’m linking this post to Metamorphosis Monday at Susan’s blog, Between Naps on the Porch. Be sure to visit Susan’s blog for a lot of creative inspiration.

Happy Fall!


  1. Oh, Paula, aren’t you so smart??? Those look fantastic! I am very impressed with your new look… are very talented!


  2. A Touch of Country says:

    Love the new look for fall.

    The osage oranges are what I call hedgeapples. They are great to put in the basement rafters to repel spiders.

  3. Lisa Shatzer says:

    I love the color your new artwork brings to the Fall mantel.

  4. Mary Ellen (megardengal) says:

    Are those real oranges? They are so interesting!!! Great job on your fireplace!


  5. I LOVE the mantel makeover! The covered canvas is a SMART DIY project for a budget minded gal like me! Would work for any space for ‘art’. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Hi Paula. How pretty is your mantle! I love all of your touches and when you get tired of that yellow bowl – call me! 😉
    Be a sweetie,
    shelia 😉

  7. I love your fall mantle and especially your “new” artwork. You are so creative and talented. We have those osage oranges around here but I never knew what they were called. Thanks!

  8. I absolutely LOVE your fall mantelscape. It is just beautiful.
    When I was a little girl, we had a tree in our front yard that produced these brain-like, green balls…we called them horse apples. Now I want some to decorate with!!

  9. Love what you did for the mantel. The three canvas panels look so nice, what a great ideaa! Those oranges are so fun and full of texture.

  10. It’s beautiful Paula.

  11. The fabric panels look great! And, I would love to know how to dry gourds…mine always rot 🙁

  12. Shanty 2 Chic says:

    So cute… Love the candlesticks! Everything turned out beautiful!!

  13. Very nice mantle – it screams fall now…Love your thrifty decore !

  14. I love those “oranges”. I have never seen them before. What kind of tree do they grow on? Do they rot? Love the peacock pictures over the mantel.

  15. I love the material you used for your fall look. Never thought about doing that. Do you do the same for Christmas? The fireplace looks all warm and cozy now 🙂

  16. Impoverished Preppy says:

    So pretty and perfect for fall. Makes me want to bake a pumpkin pie and rake some leaves just looking at it!

  17. I love the mix of the fabric on the canvases with your window treatments….this was such a good idea with a lot impact for not a lot of money! I love the osage oranges..I am not familiar with them. Great job!

  18. Hiya Paula! Love the new Fall look – just love it! And thanks for educating me on those Osage Oranges. Now I don’t have to call them “green thingies” anymore!!

  19. Looks great to me! Love the hangings over the mantle.

  20. Debbie @ says:

    This looks wonderful! I especially like what you did with the canvases….those turned out great! The ideas are turning for other holidays as well. Great ideas.

  21. Love, love, love the fabric covered canvas! What a great idea.

  22. Love the new look! So pretty.

  23. Great post! Love the mantel transformation. Sturbridge Village pattern—I wonder if that is Old Sturbridge Village in Mass. Anyways, great ideas!!

    hmm, it is so humid here, guards usually rot…I think…now I can’t remember!!

  24. Love the transformation of your mantel. The candlesticks and gourds look great. Love the pictures too.

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