The Most Popular Door in Town

I’ve been thinking about a new storm door for my house for a long, long time.  I finally decided on a Chippendale door that I’ve noticed is very popular in my town.  It could be popular elsewhere and I’ve just not noticed.

I took a walk one afternoon this week and used it as an opportunity to photograph doors.  Every house featured in this post has a Chippendale door.

Are you not sure what I mean by a Chippendale door?  Take a look!
IMG_2693 IMG_2692 IMG_2696IMG_2698
Are you ready for some house eye candy?  The first two houses are pretty close to mine.  I have even dreamed about the second one.  Am I weird or what? 
This is my next door neighbor’s house:
This house is across the street, one door down:
This house is across the street, two doors down:
Now don’t you think that a Chippendale door will be perfect for my house?
After one more coat of paint, followed by attaching the hinges and door knob, my house will proudly show off a Chippendale door of its own.  I can’t wait!


  1. You live in such a pretty neighborhood Paula. I do think those screen doors are pretty. I think I’d like to have one on my kitchen door.

  2. So beautiful…that’s exactly the style of house I’ve always wanted. It makes walking and running such a pleasure when there’s pretty stuff to see!

  3. My goodness! That is such a pretty neighborhood! I love all those pretty houses!

    The door is very nice. It will look beautiful on your house too. Heck, it might look good on my house, and no one in my neighborhood has such a pretty storm door!

  4. I loved looking! I soooo love this style house and yes yours will look great when you add it. Be sure to show it off!

  5. Oh my gosh, what I wouldn’t give to take a peek inside all those homes!!! So beautiful!! I’m always taking pictures of houses, it is an addiction!

  6. I hate to admit this, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen one of those before. They’re gorgeous! Can’t wait to see yours. It’s gonna be so pretty!

  7. Eye candy, indeed! What a beautiful neighborhood. Wish I could come look at houses with you!

    I love Chippendale doors, and I think one will be perfect for your house! We used to have some Chippendale box planters, and I loved them. One of my neighbors has Chippendale railings on her porch, and I think they’re just perfect.

    Way to go, Paula!

  8. Yes! Put one up! Those are beautiful homes! Thanks for sharing – I did not know that door was called a “chippendale”.

  9. This would be the perfect door for your house. I love all of the homes in your area. Thanks for sharing great pictures. I dream about houses too. Carla

  10. The homes in your area are absolutely beautiful!! I love the one with te trimmed ivy all around the windows and door. How cool!!

    I love that Chippendale style and it’s going to look great on your house. Show us when it’s done!


  11. Well I sure have neighborhood envy Paula. Those are beautiful homes and I can’t wait to see your beauty sporting her new door. I must admit I’m not familar with screen door styles but this one is going to look fabulous on your home. Sorta like a beautiful necklace for her dress.

  12. that is so funny that they all have the same same door.
    Your neighborhood looks like a lovely place to be.

  13. I have never seen that door! I like it though 😉

    I’m picturing your neighbors wondering who the stalker is that is photographing their houses!

  14. This post is great…it reminds me of a project I did in my interior design class last quarter where we had 10 different styles of houses (georgian, craftsmen, modern etc.) and had to drive around and take pictures of each style. All the houses around you are so charming and beautiful.
    Those doors sure are popular around your area! Can’t wait to see your new door!

    stopping by from serenity now link up (:

  15. Wow! The homes in your neighborhood are gorgeous!! I didn’t know they were called chippendales either 🙂 Over from Serenity Now linky

  16. Ohhh… you must live on the east coast somewhere. Such beautiful brick homes….I am in California and not much brick used at all. I love shutters and screen doors. So pretty1

  17. Beautiful homes! Including yours!

    And my favorite door is the first one.

    Not that you were asking…just thought I’d share!

  18. What fun to tour your gorgeous neighborhood. Beautiful, Southern style homes. Oh yes, I love those doors!
    Thanks so much for your nice words on my cake posts. 🙂


  19. Thanks for showing all these stately older homes. LOVE them! You’re lucky to live in a neighborhood with so much character!

    Warmly, Michelle

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