Using Outdoor Lighting Inside

Our home has a small bedroom on the main floor that we use as an office.  The previous owners who lived here nearly forty years used it as a TV room.  At some point these lights were installed;  I’m sure that they were the height of fashion at the time.

They are even more attractive with mismatched bulbs.  Note the dried masking tape goo from an old paint job, not ours.

Our office is a hodge-podge of furniture and has a manly feel.  You can read about the details in this post.  I’ve disliked these lights for years.

When I purchased new outdoor lights for our kitchen door entrance, I spotted the light below on display and fell in love.  It is an outdoor light, but I loved the look and thought that it would work well for our manly office.

I love the rustic, almost nautical look of these lights.  Another plus is that they give off more light than our old fixtures. It’s so nice to turn on the lights and have a well illuminated room.

Here you can see the position in the room of both new lights.

Many of the rooms in our home have no lights other than lamps that plug into the wall.  I wish I had more places to use interesting lights like these. 

Is your home wired for overhead lighting?  My late 1950’s home sure isn’t!


  1. LoveLoveLove your new lights! I say outdoor-shmoutdoor, if they are cute (they are!), use ’em where you need ’em! They really suit the masculine feel of the room. Yay for new light fixtures!

  2. Your new lights are gorgeous! I think they fit perfectly with the room. I have a my eye on a couple of similar style lights. Like yours, the box says that ‘outdoor’, but now that I’ve seen how fabulous yours look on the wall, I’m adding them to my ‘want list’!

  3. I like the new lights! Nice choice!! Our 1970s home has several rooms that do not have overheard lighting and it drives me nuts. I’d actually love to have a ceiling fan in our bedroom, but it’s a no go for now.

  4. I love, love, love them!!! They have a very nautical feel – very fisherman’s wharf. The look great!!!! Great choice for the office.

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