Christmas Cacti in Bloom

Each year I anxiously await the blooming of my Christmas Cacti.  I don’t take especially good care of these plants and even with my abuse, they reward me with blooms year after year.

The pink cacti were gifts from friends when my dad died in 1997.  The plant with the peach colored blooms was my grandmother’s.  The stand that the peach plant is on was made by my grandfather and the little stool holding the pink plant was my grandmother’s.

I keep these plants on our porch year round.  They aren’t much to look at during the summer but this time of year their blooms certainly are enjoyed. 
You can see that I didn’t stage this picture.  The pillows aren’t fluffed and there are shoes under the bench.  I’m keeping it real!

Do you grow Christmas Cactus? 


  1. Cottage and Broome says:

    Paula, thanks for stopping by will be your newest follower. How special you have a plant that is a reminder of your Dad, anything blooming pink would be a favorite of mine. Laura

  2. FrouFrouBritches says:

    I have never seen one of those. They are so pretty! I love that you’re keeping it real!! The plant stand and stool are pretty too. I love that you reuse family things like that. So sweet! I wish I had more family “stuff” to use.

  3. Ha, a Christmas Cactus is the ONLY plant I CAN grow! And only because it can take my abuse ie: lack of watering! Mine hasn’t started blooming yet but does have the buds!
    Yours are beautiful!

  4. I just saw one of those gorgeous plants at my cry cleaners and I had no idea what it was! Yours are beautiful Paula.

  5. they look just beautiful. curious … how do you get it to bloom … it did so last year … but nothing so far this year? my grandma had 2 of the biggest christmas cactus ever, they were just gorgeous. not sure what happened to those when she past. i wish i had her green thumb, she was amazing. (:

  6. I have one but it hasn’t bloomed yet.

  7. They’re so pretty! I think that’s the secret to a healthy houseplant – neglect! It works for me.

  8. My mom has a Christmas cactus that blooms like CRAZY every year. I love the dark pink one. Yours are beautiful!

  9. Ricki Jill Treleaven says:

    They are gorgeous! My grandmother has a peachy one that blooms every year like crazy, too. I love the plant stand your grandfather built. How special to have it in your home!

  10. I’m impressed that you’ve kept these plants for years. I’m lucky to make it through a single season.

  11. Southern Lady says:

    I don’t have any, but yours are gorgeous! Thanks for sharing! Carla

  12. Fashion Meets Food says:

    wow! This is absolutely stunning! I have never seen anything like this before. xo

  13. Grammy Goodwill says:

    I have two that belonged to Mom. I inherited them when they moved into their retirement community. Mine usually bloom in February.

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