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Peppermint and Candy Cane Wreath

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas around my home. 

Every year I enjoy making Christmas crafts to use to decorate my home. This year I made peppermint and candy cane wreaths for my kitchen windows.

Wreath made with candy canes and peppermint candies

Peppermint and Candy Cane Wreaths

One of my 7th-grade boys crafted the small wreaths above my peppermint and candy cane wreaths from ferns and brought them to me before Thanksgiving.  Isn’t that the sweetest thing??

Candy Cane and Peppermint Wreath

Want to make these for yourself?  It’s really easy!

Supplies Needed:

10 candy canes
 20 Star Bright Mints
Glue Gun – I use a cool melt glue gun.


Remove wrappers from ten candy canes and twenty peppermints.  Glue candy canes together using a cool melt glue gun to form hearts.


Glue two mints to each heart where the ends meet.


Make five hearts.


Overlap hearts and glue.


Continue to overlap and glue until you have a wreath.


I sealed my wreaths with some finish that I had on hand. 


Cut ten pieces of red ribbon to decorate the intersections of the candy canes and mints.


Wrap the ribbon around and glue into place.  Here you can see one with ribbon and one without ribbon.

The ribbon adds a pop of color and hides some of the glue.


I used fishing line to hang the wreaths in my kitchen windows.


This craft is quick and easy to complete and isn’t expensive.  An older child could make one for their room or as a gift for a friend or teacher.


Kitchen windows complete, now it’s on to the rest of the house!

Have you been busy crafting for Christmas?


  1. I love ’em! The wreaths look good paired with the candy cane stars too. You’ll have to get that student to do a guest tutorial 😉

  2. oh my stinking goodness, how flippin’ cute! what a great idea, and the ribbons give it a little extra.

  3. So precious! Love how bright and cheerful your windows look. Even sweeter that your student made the wreathes for you.

  4. These are amazing! Hosting a Christmas Tea Party next week and these would be ideal on the table!

    Visiting from Home Stories A to Z!

  5. Paula, these are great! I love them because they are so festive and fun. Thanks for the tutorial. I might try to make these!


  6. HOW did I miss that on Pinterest? So stinkin’ cute! And what a sweet student you have to make those wreths for you. That is so sweet and he did a great job. So pretty!

  7. I love this project – I hope you don’t mind, but I am sharing this over at my blog today – findinghomeonline.com. Thanks, Laura

  8. Fanciful and FABULOUS!!! I LOVE this!! If you want to show it off anywhere else, my Winter Wonderland party is open just one more day! I’ll be having a huge Christmas parade and I feature great projects like this on my facebook page, too. Either way, this is So Sweet and I hope you have a very happy holiday!!
    <3 Christina

  9. Such a fun and easy project that looks so pretty in your beautiful windows.

    Hopping over from the Christmas in July blog hop – #57.


  10. I love these and tried to make them but can’t get them to stay together. I used a high temperature glue gun (Martha Stewart). I’m an inexperienced crafter so maybe don’t have my gluing techniques up to par. Any hints? I want to make another one. The one I made has a couple of pieces of scotch tape to hold the pieces that keep separating. Tacky!

  11. You clever lady, these are lovely! I’d be interested to hear your ideas about the glue issues that some other people have commented on. Do you need to leave them to “set” before moving them, glue gun is usually pretty instant isn’t it.
    I’m wondering if there is anyway to stick them with sugar syrup and make them still edible? Maybe not, just a thought, be good to know if anyone tries it.

    1. Julie,
      I used a low temperature glue gun and had no issues with them falling apart. I kept them in the freezer after Christmas and was able to use them for three years! I doubt that a sugar syrup would be strong enough to hold them together.


      1. Thanks for that, I was doubtful about sugar syrup myself – they are quite large! I might experiment with a mini version, I can always eat them if it all goes horribly wrong!

    1. Thanks, Alli. I’m planning to make a bunch to sell at a local Christmas show that I’m participating in on Dec. 7.

  12. Just made 9 of these between 3 of us. Took about 2 and a half hours but was so worth it. They are beautiful!! Thank you for posting this. 🙂

  13. I had no luck with these. Had to re glue several times. After I sprayed with sealer and picked them up they fell apart. I gave up and tossed 10 wreaths.. A lot of wasted time and supplies…….

    1. Michele – Did you take the wrappers off the candy canes? My mom and I had the exact same trouble over Thanksgiving when we made some and I suspect it was because the wrappers were left on and were slippery. My husband put some epoxy on mine which ended up working.

  14. Why are there 20 starlight mints? I thought they must be for the back side and glued them on there and then couldn’t glue the candy canes together to make the wreath.

  15. These are so cute – unfortunately we made several for our preschool tree and…they fell apart SOOOO easily!!! We followed instructions and used the hot glue gun, but they were a HUGE disappointment! Any tips to keeping them together – the hot glue simply did not hold them together well at all….

    1. The ones I made this year didn’t hold together well, either. I ended up having to use epoxy and they still weren’t stable. Were yours wrapped or unwrapped? Mine were wrapped and I wonder if that wasn’t the problem.

  16. I made one and it came out beautiful though I could see I would need to reglue a few pieces. However after I sprayed it the whole thing just fell apart, became sort of soft. What am I missing? Does the brand of sealant make a difference? I want to make more as picture frame but fear the same fate.

  17. Mine also were ruined with the sealant. The stripes ran and the candy never dried. It was sticky and soft. They were so cute and relatively sturdy when I made them. But I used modge podge and a spray sealant and both were unsatisfactory. I am going to try different candy canes today. I think maybe mine were too porous. Heading to Walmart.

  18. I tried with the Walmart Candy Canes and the CVS Star Brite mints and did NOT have the gooey, color run after I applied the sealant. Apparently, some candy canes and some mints are too porous and absorb the sealant leaving a mess.

  19. I unwrapped mine like it said but I didn’t stack them. I made the 5 hearts then shaped into a star. I used the glue gun and mine fell apart after letting them sit for several hours. Someone told me to leave the wrappers on but won’t the hot glue melt the wrapper.

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  21. So, will sealing with the top coat allow them to keep from year to year or do you have to throw them away after Christmas?

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  23. Great idea!! I’ve been meaning to make one myself.
    I love that you have a detailed how-to along with the pictures. Amazing job. Well done!!
    Happy New Year!!

    1. I love these. Any tips on how to remove the wrapper without breaking the candy canes? I’ve tried unwrapping several and they’ve all broken.

      1. I really think that over the years the quality of candy canes has diminished. When I made this originally I had no problems with the candy canes breaking and in more recent years they don’t seem as sturdy.

  24. I make all different candy cane wreaths and I leave the plastic on. To me it’s more sanitary and I do not have to seal them. And my plastic never melts. But I do love the wreath you made with the wrappers off. They are beautiful. Thank you for sharing.

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