Christmas House Tour: Part Three

More house pictures?  Oh yes!  Let’s take a peak into the cute as a button cottage.  It’s sandwiched in between two larger homes and you’d almost miss it from the street if you didn’t know to look for it.

A young lady lives in this house and has decorated it in a younger style.

Note the unique floor in the powder room off of the den.

The kitchen is quite spacious for such a tiny house.

Note the vintage pink tile in this bath and the same harlequin floor as in the powder room downstairs.

I love the display area above the mirror. 

There were two bedrooms upstairs.  I can’t imagine that it was fun moving furniture into this tiny house!

The last house is a bed and breakfast.  If you like a house with every single space crammed with do-dads, then you’d like this house.  I knew from the color that the inside would not be my style.  The owners have some pretty furniture, but it is hard to appreciate it when it is piled high with do-dads.  The photos from the website of this inn look pretty nice, so if you are interested, click away.  I didn’t take any pictures inside of this inn because I was in sensory overload.

That concludes the tour!  


  1. I love that first house. She has really made great use of limited space. Love the harlequin floors! Thanks for bringing us along.

  2. Oh I love the tiny little red house. So charming and she definitely has made use of every inch. Beautiful home. Hugs, Marty

  3. Love her bed and the wreath on the dining room table. Fun to see a younger persons perspective of decorating their home. Thanks for sharing Paula.

  4. I love the harlequin floors in the first house! Not a huge fan of the mustardy color on the wall in the room with Johnny Cash’s photo, but she has a great fireplace!

  5. Your house is sooo precious. It’s just my style- quaint with lots of charm and character! Hope you have a wonderful, stress free week leading up to Christmas! xo

  6. I adore that little red cottage! It has amazing curb appeal, and it’s so darling inside. I like the big Victorian too, but I’d definitely change the color and the interior decor.

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