Christmas in July

What I had planned to do this week was make curtains for my dining room. I ordered the fabric from Joanne Fabric on June 14 and it is still not here. I should have known better. I found the fabric in Roanoke at The Silver Thistle and didn’t buy it. Joanne had it for $9.00 less per yard (it was on sale), so I ordered it on-line. I should have driven back to Roanoke and bought it for full price. I keep calling Joanne to bug them about it and they promise that it will be here by next week.

One thing that I’ve accomplished this week is to repair this old Christmas tree skirt. My grandmother made it for my family in the early 1970’s and we used it for years and years. Mama used it last year at a family reunion type dinner that we hosted and I asked her if I could have it. She’s at the stage now where she’s more than happy to get rid of things, so into my car it went. The gold trim on the edges needed to be reglued and a few more things were falling off. Can you imagine how long it must have taken my grandmother to make this? It probably was a kit, but still, all of those little felt pieces are glued together. It’s now repaired, folded, and packed away with my Christmas things.


  1. I love it! What a treasure to have such a special piece of your grandmother’s handwork with all the special family memories that go with it.

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