DIY Baseball Bookends

Since spring and baseball go hand-in-hand, DIY Baseball Bookends are a perfect project for the season.

Baseball Bookends - A Tutorial

A set of baseball bookends is a DIY idea for anyone who loves baseball. New or used baseballs can be used to make the bookends.

How to Make DIY Baseball Bookends

This project isn’t difficult to make and it’s a great gift idea.


  • 6 Baseballs
  • 2 T-Posts
  • 3/8″ Dowell
  • E6000 Glue
  • Wood Glue
  • Drill Press or Drill with 3/8″ Drill Bit
  • Band Saw or Saw
  • Sharpie
  • Utility Knife
  • Palm Sander
  • Clamps (Our favorite)
  • Clamping Square (Super handy tool to have in your DIY arsenal!)
Baseball Bookend Supples

Making the Baseball Bookends

Cut 6 (1 1/2”) pieces of a 3/8” dowel using a band saw.

How to Make Baseball Bookends - Dowel Pieces

Round both ends of each dowel piece to make them easier to insert into the holes in the baseballs.

How to Make Baseball Bookends - Dowel Pieces Rounded

Decide on the graphic placement of the two baseballs that will be on the bottom of the bookend.

How to Make Baseball Bookends

Using a 3/8” bit and a drill press, drill a hole on the side of one ball.  Use a utility knife to trim away the excess leather from the top of the hole.  This will make it easier to insert the dowel into the hole in a later step.

How to Make Baseball Bookends

To help to figure out where the hole should go for the second ball, rub a Sharpie around the hole, line up the two balls and press to make a mark where the hole should go.

How to Make Baseball Bookends

Use the mark made to drill a hole in the second ball.

How to Make Baseball Bookends

Temporarily attach the bottom two balls together with a dowel rod.  Stack the third ball between them and mark the placement of where the holes should go to connect the third ball and one of the bottom balls.  Drill holes.

How to Make Baseball Bookends

Here you can see the holes with dowels temporarily in place.  Before gluing make sure that the angle of the holes is correct and also that the holes are deep enough.

How to Make Baseball Bookends

After making sure that the fit is correct, apply glue to the dowel ends to glue the balls together.

How to Make Baseball Bookends

Now three baseballs are glued together.  Repeat these steps with three more balls for the second bookend.

How to Make Baseball Bookends

Apply E6000 glue to the bottom of the balls and press into place on the t-bar.   Clamping squares keep the balls upright and square until the glue dries.

How to Make Baseball Bookends

After the glue dries the bookends are ready to be used.

DIY Baseball Bookends - Learn how to make your own!

Enjoy the Baseball Bookends

Baseball bookends are perfect to use in a child’s bedroom or in a baseball fan’s office.

DIY Baseball Bookends - Learn how to make a set for your home.

The glove on the left was my grandfather’s and the one on the right was my dad’s. You can see more of my grandad and dad’s vintage baseball gloves here.

How To Make Baseball Bookends - Get the full tutorial at

I’m thrilled with this project and plan to use these bookends in my father-in-law’s room at the lake

DIY Baseball Bookends - Learn how to make your own.

He’s a huge baseball fan and I know that he’ll like having these bookends on his dresser.  They’ll also go along with the Americana theme that I’m using for his decor.

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    1. I think he will, Megan. I’ll bet that he’ll add some vintage Chicago Cubs things to the vignette that I create in his room.


    1. Thanks, Maryann! I’m hoping to make a few sets for my shop because I know baseball lovers would buy them, especially moms with kids who are baseball obsessed.


    1. Thanks, Christy! They were fun to make and I think that my father-in-law will really like them in his room at the lake.


    1. Thanks, Wendi! I think I might display the gloves along with the bookends in my father-in-law’s room at the lake. He may even have some other neat vintage baseball things to add to the vignette.


    1. You are so sweet, Kim! When you are at SML this summer, you’ll have to swing by the house to see them in my father-in-law’s room. 🙂


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