Spring Market 2013 at Lucketts

Mama and I looked forward to Lucketts Spring Market for weeks and finally the big day to shop arrived on Sunday.

Entering Lucketts with Mama


We started by heading to the Hometalk tent to meet Donna from Funky Junk Interiors, Miriam from Hometalk, and Karen from The Graphics Fairy.

This is Miriam.  I met Donna but didn’t get a picture and never got to talk to Karen because she was busy greeting other bloggers.

Sweet Pea and Miriam


While at the Hometalk tent, I met Shirley from Housepitality Designs , Jocie from The Better Half and Liz from Naptime Decorator.  Pictured are Shirley, me, Miriam, Jocie, Liz, and another blogger whose identity I do not know.  (If you know, please let me know!)  I hate that my eyes were closed but what can I do?

Hometalk Girls


Miss Mustard Seed’s tent was next to the Hometalk one, so of course I had to meet Mariam.

Me and Miss Mustard Seed


You never know who you will see where and boy was I surprised when my high school bff called out my name.  Camille was at Lucketts to help out the Lynchburg crew from Studio Eleven.

Me and Camille


While I socialized, Mama shopped and found a great lamp with a fancy shade.

Mama with new lamp


If you’ve never been to Lucketts for the Market, there are rows and rows of tents.  It’s kind of hard to figure out where to start!

Tents at Lucketts


I was so busy shopping that I didn’t think to take a lot of pictures.

Lucketts stuff


My purchase for the day was a belt and buckle from Krista Hagen Studios.

Krista Hagen

Me and My new belt


One of our last stops for the day was the Studio Eleven tent from Lynchburg.  I love their store and frequent it whenever I can.  Jill (in blue) recently help me to pick out two paint colors and wax and I’ve been having fun experimenting with them.Lynchburg Girls at Lucketts


What a fun weekend!   Mama and I had a ball admiring the treasures for sale at Lucketts.


  1. Hey Paula! Love that last picture of you and thanks for including me! It was so much fun meeting you in person. My friend is Liz from Naptime Decorator. She’s fabulous and lives about 5 minutes from me. Seriously, she’s a rock star! 🙂

  2. just fyi… the ‘other blogger’ is allison hop from the golden sycamore …the winner of the trip to lucketts from hometalk !
    and sorry we must have missed you all..unless you were in our booth and we didnt realize it !!
    maybe next year…

  3. Wow, I loved Lucketts. I can’t believe it has been over three years since I was there. I also visited Miss Mustard Seeds tent and bought some lavender and a vintage kitchen scale from her. Isn.t Lynchburg a wonderful place to visit?

  4. It was so great to meet you at Lucketts…..It was my first time there and it was such a great experience….loved all of your pictures from the event and how great was it to have met your BFF there!!..Now, I have a picture of us without you “blinking”…so I shall send it to you!!!…glad I found your blog…and look forward to reading your posts!!!

  5. OK I’m beyond green with envy Paula, I bet you and Miss Georgia just had the best time. This sounds like a perfect trip for a group of friends to do.

  6. One day I’m going to make that 7 hour drive to get to this sale. It always looks amazing!

  7. Lovely shoot, Paula! Good for you on doing more shopping than taking photos! haha It was hard to incorporate both for sure! I could have easily spent a week going through everything.

    Thanks so much for taking the time to come out!

  8. Bummed I didn’t get to meet you at Lucketts. I think we must have just missed each other on Sunday. We had to leave early for the long drive back to NC.

    Maybe next year…

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