DIY Pallet Wine Rack

What’s not to love about a pallet project, especially when something that might get tossed in the garbage becomes a useful home décor item?  A pallet wine rack has been on my mind and now one is mine!

DIY Pallet Wine Rack by

Our wine rack was only lightly sanded and the wood was left natural. 

We may decide to stain this piece so that it’s a bit darker since the pallet used was a new one.

Wine bottles are displayed on the top of the rack.

Pallet Wine Rack

Slots for displaying glasses are located on the bottom of the wine rack.

Pallet Wine Rack - View of Glasses

How did we make this?  Read on!

How to Make a Pallet Wine Rack

We love repurposing things and a like new pallet was perfect to use to create a pallet wine rack.

Obtain a Pallet

Pallets are pretty easy to source. I got this one at our tennis club. When I’ve needed pallets for other projects, I usually announce on Facebook that I need one and I always get tons of offers for ones that are available.

This pallet is a heavy-duty one and has two center pieces of wood.  A pallet designed to hold a lighter amount of weight will only have one center piece.

Pallet for DIY Wine Rack

Directions to Make the Wine Rack

Use a hand saw to cut off the bottom two sections of the pallet.  (If you are wondering, Har-Tru is the surface applied to clay tennis courts.)

Pallet Wine Rack - Cut end

Remove the top board.

Pallet Wine Rack - Board Removed

Cut through the middle two boards and remove.

Use saw to remove middle vertical boards
Pallet Wine Rack -Middle Boards Removed

Use a jig saw to cut a decorative edge.

Pallet Wine Rack - Decorative Ends

Sand smooth with a belt sander.

Pallet Wine Rack - Ends

Screw the top board removed at the beginning of the process to the bottom of the rack.

Pallet Wine Rack - Bottom

Remove another board from the pallet to make a holder for the glasses.  We routed slots 3 1/4” wide for each glass.  (Not shown….Route a U shape in each slot to hold the glasses.)

Pallet Wine Rack - Routed Bottom

Screw the routed piece to the bottom of the wine rack.

Pallet Wine Rack DIY

I love the detail of the routed wine slots!

Pallet Wine Rack - Close View of Holding Glasses

The glasses shown above were my Great-Great Aunt Fannie’s and I’m sure she never dreamed that they would be displayed hanging from a pallet. 

Granny, from whom I inherited these glasses, probably would be surprised, too.  I use these glasses as wine glasses but technically they are water goblets.

I’m very happy with this project and plan to make two more with the remaining section of pallet.

Wine rack made from a pallet


  1. I like the unstained rustic look of the wine rack, especially for use on the deck. By the way, I have antique water goblets that I use for wine also.

  2. Great way to make use of a pallet! I’ve always wanted to have somewhere to hang my wine glasses like that, I just don’t have any under cabinet space in the kitchen but this would be great out on the patio. Putting it on my DIY I want to Try when I Retire!

  3. Thanks for the detailed instructions and we will try these out at our Community wood work shop this summer.

  4. This is super cool! I found you through Dwellings linky party and so glad I did! I’ll show this one to my hubby! Nice to meet you!~~Angela

  5. Paula, I love this even though I didn’t drink wine. You can also make flower boxes too, huh? Anyway, Don loved the map you dropped off. The minute he laid his eyes on it he stopped in his tracks,  immediately recognized it and his first word was “cool!”. he studied it for a bit and then that night after dinner, we went through it together. He said it was an earlier map as it was missing some major areas of where he had been. He was still able to show me a lot.  Thank you again, it was such a pleasure to finally meet you. It’s like we’ve known each other for years. You are a very kind and thoughtful person. Have a blessed evening! Bev

  6. Such a creative idea and looks GREAT too! You are so clever, how do you come up with such great ideas?! Great-great Aunt Fannie would be so proud of you for making this and so happy you are using her glasses!
    Thanks so much for sharing at Amaze Me Monday!!!

  7. How innovative! I hope you get lots of use of your wine rack this summer entertaining with friends and family! Thanks for sharing at Project Inspire{d}!!

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  10. This is so cool! One of the most creative projects I’ve seen in a while. What a perfect addition to your deck. Great tutorial, too.

    Thanks for linking up to Home{work} Wednesday.

  11. Hi Paula!

    We love pallet projects. You should put a clear waterproofer or waterproofing stain on the wine rack. We have a new aerosol wood stain for outdoor projects, and I’d be happy to send you a sample to try if you’ll get in touch with me. Look forward to hearing from you!

  12. Thanks for the inspiration! Added some color (light yellow) and little birdies (white and gray) on the front! 🙂

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  14. How do you mount this to the wall. Once you use to place wine bottles I imagine this would be heavy?

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  17. Maybe I missed it but there is no instructions for the hanging of the rack. Any suggestions as I would prefer not to screw this to my deck.

  18. Hi, great idea and I’ve started making my own. Only problem is I’m having problems getting the wine glasses to stay and not slide out- how did you get round this problem please?!

  19. Your wine rack is fantabulous!! I will have to make a few of these for my son (he’s over 21) one of these days. It’s a great idea for any kind of room, but certainly works for a “him”. Love and pinned ~ Amy

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  25. first of all such a genius project! If I were doing it, and I’m pretty sure it’s going on my list, I would make less cubbies and seal the wood to make it waterproof and ready for ice! I also noticed the chilled bottle of Sweet Mountain Laurel… Yumm 😉 great job on this project!

    1. Thank you! I actually ended up staining the wine rack later on. I agree that fewer cubbies would be better. I hope you’ll share pictures of yours after you make it!


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  38. Wow, you give me the best idea for this post. I have just a wine table and no any place for taking glass. Now i decide i should make this type of wine rack for hanging glasses. I want to make 12 pieces of wine glass rack.

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