Vintage Winter Art

It’s time to change fall decor over to Christmas.  I’ve been busy putting fall away and getting out my Christmas things.

An area of my family room that I knew needed a change for Christmas was the Vintage Virginia Tech Memorabilia Corner that I shared this fall.  We put our Christmas tree in this area and I didn’t think that Virginia Tech and Christmas would coordinate very well.

Winter Corner

I keep art that I’m not currently using in the attic and I rummaged around to see if I could find some winter themed art to use in this area.  Being a hoarder collector of vintage has its advantages, I found four pieces that I think work perfectly.

Vintage Winter Art -

Our family room is an addition to our 1950’s Cape Cod that we added twelve years ago.  This odd shelf is the result of necessary ductwork.  I don’t mind it because it gives me a place for seasonal displays.

Meico Handcrafts Dog and Sled -

I found this Meico Handcraft do-dad at Goodwill for $1.99.  I usually am not attracted to this type of decor, but the dog was so sweet that I had to have him.  He and the children are sledding on a bed of angel hair surrounded by a forest of faux trees from Walmart.  If you look  carefully you can see small hooks that perhaps held reins for the dog.

Meico Handcrafts Dog and Sled -

Vintage Winter Art

The art that I used in this corner is things that I’ve had for years.

We’ll start with my favorite, a mirror with winter art at the top.  I am pretty sure that the winter art is a Currier and Ives print based on similar pieces that I found on Ebay.  I purchased this mirror at an antique shop in Fredericksburg many years ago.

Currier and Ives Mirror -


I’ve always liked this winter scene.

Currier and Ives Mirror -


The next piece is a Currier and Ives lithograph, The Road – Winter.

Currier and Ives "The Road - Winter" Lithograph -


It would be nice if my print was an original from 1853 but I’m pretty positive that this is a print.

Currier and Ives "The Road - Winter" Lithograph -


A Home in the Country is also a Currier and Ives lithograph.  I’m a sucker for these vintage scenes!

Currier and Ives Lithograph - A Home in the Country - Winter Sleigh Ride -


Currier and Ives winter scenes remind me of my favorite winter destination, Vermont.

Currier and Ives Lithograph - A Home in the Country - Winter Sleigh Ride -


The next piece of winter art isn’t quite vintage.  I completed this P Buckley Moss cross stitch, Solitary Skater, in 1989.  I remember coming home from my waitressing job and then staying up half of the night working on this.  I loved to cross stitch back in the day!

P Buckley Moss Solitary Skater Cross Stitch -

I’m glad that I could shop my attic for winter art to use in this corner.  This art will likely stay in this spot until spring when I’ll be ready for a change.

We put our tree up over the weekend and I like how the winter art looks behind it.

Christmas Tree with Vintage 1970's Tree Skirt -

After Thanksgiving I have oodles of Christmas posts to share with you.  I won’t be posting again until after Thanksgiving, so I want to pass along wishes for a wonderful Thanksgiving Day.

Enjoy your time with family and friends and don’t forget to be thankful for the blessings in your life.  This year I am thankful for modern medicine and the great care that I’ve received this year at UVA.  I don’t know why cancer had to attack my body, but I’m grateful for shrinking tumors and to feel good.

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Vintage Currier and Ives Winter Art -


  1. Love the winter art! I’m looking forward to your upcoming Christmas posts. Christmas decorating is happening at my house this week too. Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

    1. Thank you so much! 2017 certainly didn’t bring anything that I thought it would but we adapt, move on, and then adjust day by day. Thank you so much for reading and for taking the time to leave a sweet message for me.

    1. Framing Christmas cards is a good idea, Mary! I just so happen to save my cards and I’ll bet that there are a few Currier and Ives cards to be found. Thanks for that good idea!

  2. Loved your winter art; I think some winter art is necessary so my house doesn’t look totally naked when Christmas is removed. And in Maine, winter decor can last for a long time (I am one of the few who welcome mud season!). Every once in a while I have found old Currier and Ives prints that were calendars. I love how they tell a story. Your vignette is perfect with the sleigh picture!

  3. I couldn’t have resisted the sleigh with the the dog either. I’m a sucker for dogs and horses. Currier and Ives always delights me but I’m also a huge fan of Norman Rockwell! I never thought to frame them but I’ve got a new way to display them now, so thank you! I love your hand stitched girl! 1989 or today, cross stitch and embroidery are still alive. I should think about doing one again myself. I never did anything big but I have a pattern for one that is’s a tea pot and cups and a saying I can’t recall but I’ve always loved it and should really take the time to work on it. It’s upstairs in my nightmare attic so it might take me a while to find it 😊

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