Vintage Style Spring Mantel

My spring mantel decor for this year is vintage style. I can’t resist using vintage when I decorate seasonally.

Graphic for a Vintage Style Spring Mantel

I’m sharing my spring mantel as part of a week-long Celebrating Spring Blog Hop hosted by Leen of Sand Dollar Lane.

Celebrate Spring Blog Hoop Graphic

Today’s theme for this week’s blog hop is spring mantels and console tables. If you arrived here from Carena of Accidental Farmhouse, welcome!

You’ll find links to today’s spring mantel and console table posts, plus yesterday’s spring porches at the end of this post.

Be sure to come back Wednesday for entryways, Thursday for DIY, and Friday for tablescapes and centerpieces.

Vintage Style Spring Mantel

When decorating for a new season, I almost always start with the mantel in our formal living room.

My mantel is decorated for spring with a mix of antiques and vintage along with a few new things.

Spring mantel decor with pink flowers, a green wreath, white candles, and baskets on the fireplace hearth.

Spring Mantel Decor

I started decorating by making a spring wreath to hang on the antique mirror from the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia.

Be sure to visit on Friday for the easy tutorial for making this wreath.

Gold mirror with a green and white wreath, gold sconces with white candles, floral plates, pink crepe paper flowers, and crystal candle holders with white candles.

After the wreath was in place, I added white candles to the 1971 Homco sconces on either side of the mirror.

Next, I added a pair of gorgeous crystal candle holders from Lamps Plus to either end of the mantel.

Lamps Plus crystal candle holders with a white candle on a decorated for spring mantel

These crystal candle holders are 11″ high and catch the light beautifully when the sun shines into my formal living room in the morning through noon.

Spring mantel with a gold mirror and sconce, pink crepe paper flower, floral plate, and a Lamps Plus crystal candle holder with a white candle

After the crystal candle holders were in place, I shopped my house for more decor.

I next added a pair of unmarked plates that belonged to my great-great-aunt. The original owner, Bessie, was a bit ahead of her time as she worked full-time for the federal government in DC, was a vegetarian, a Seventh Day Adventist, and was interested in human rights before it became fashionable to do so.

My aunt passed these plates on to me and gave me the information about Bessie.

Pink crepe paper flower with a green stem and faux leaf and a plate with roses and gold pattern on the edge

After the plates were in place, I added two crepe paper flowers made by my grandmother. 

Pink crepe paper flower with a green stem and faux leaf

One was on my 1994 bridal shower gift and the other on my July 2, 1994 wedding gift.

Pink crepe paper flower with a green stem and faux leaf

When I got married, Granny decorated the windows in the church for me. Granny loved to garden, craft, and decorate. I am so much like her. You can see how much I look like her in this post.

Once the mantel was decorated, I moved on to the hearth. I started by adding a vintage toolbox that my mom’s friend gave me.

Mantel decorated for spring with pink flowers, a green wreath, white candles, and baskets on the fireplace hearth.

I then added two baskets that were made by Charles M. Phleeger of Middletown, Maryland.

My grandmother most likely purchased these baskets in the 1940s.  My dad was born in 1940 and the smaller basket was his Easter basket, so a 1940s purchase makes sense. The smaller basket was also my Easter basket growing up.

Fireplace hearth decorated with a vintage toolbox and baskets made by Charles M. Phleeger of Middletown, Maryland

I so much enjoyed sharing my spring mantel with you.

Mantel decorated for spring with pink flowers, a green wreath, white candles, and baskets on the fireplace hearth.

The next spring mantel to enjoy is Cindy’s of DIY Beautify. Cindy is sharing how she decorated her mantel for spring with greenery and tulips.

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  1. Gorgeous inspiring mantel Paula. I love the way you are able to bring in vintage collectibles along with family heirlooms and items with special meaning.

  2. Love the vintage plates. I have a gazillion teacups but only a few pretty plates. Those crystal candle holders are gorgeous.
    The crepe paper flowers are so sweet. You’ve done a great job storing them, obviously.

    1. Thank you so much! I doubt that my grandmother realized when she made them in 1994 that I would be decorating with them in 2021 but I know that the fact that I am still enjoying them would please her so much.

  3. Paula, I love the mix of vintage elegance and rustic on your Spring mantel! As always, your pieces have history and tell a story, and that just makes them extra special! I especially love that little Easter basket that you used to use, and of course those beautiful flowers made by your Grandma! A lot of love on your mantel and surround 😉

    1. Thank you! I am so happy that I saved those flowers and that I can enjoy them by using them for decor.

  4. I love the way you mix old and new together in your decorating, I love that you have paper flowers that your grandmother made but REALLY love that she made them for your wedding. Your treasures have so much sentimental value and your mantel is gorgeous!
    Thanks for being part of the Celebrate Spring Blog Hop!

    1. I am very sentimental and can’t help but save special things. I am so glad that I can continue to enjoy the flowers that my grandmother made by decorating with them. Thank you so much for hosting this week’s Celebrate Spring Blog Hop. It is a pleasure to visit each participant and enjoy their spring ideas.

  5. Just a touch of pink and I am all over it! I always love a wreath on a mirror. For some reason it dresses up the wreath and makes the mirror more casual. So fun! Your entire room looks so springy and happy. And I saw those winner candles right away! They look great up there. Happy Easter!

    1. Thank you so much, Cindy! I also like the look of a wreath over a mirror. The candle holders are so pretty and I know I’ll enjoy using them in various spots in my house for years to come.

  6. I love your light and airy spring mantel, Paula… those crepe flowers from your grandma are so perfect and so thoughtful of her to have made those for you. I want to see pictures of the windows she decorated when you were married! The Lamps Plus candleholders work great, too! I bet when the sun hits them, it’s lovely! Pinned!

    1. Thank you, Julie! I now want to dig through a trunk where I keep old photo albums to find my wedding album to see if there is a picture of the church windows in it. The Lamps Plus candleholders are beautiful in person and you are correct that when the sun hits them they are so pretty.

  7. Paula, I always love seeing how you decorate your home with all of your special pieces. I love that your granny made those gorgeous flowers for you. Your aunt’s plates are perfect for spring. And the basket are very nice. It all looks just right for spring.

  8. Happy Spring, Paula. Your mantel is simply lovely. I truly appreciate how you incorporate meaningful pieces like the crepe paper flowers from your grandmother. What a sweet memory. xo

  9. Paula your mantel is so beautiful and I always enjoy seeing the family pieces you always use in your home decor. The stories are the best and I am always amazed at some of the items that you have and how you work them into your decor so seamlessly. Happy Spring.

  10. It’s always a treat to see how you can bring your family history in your home decorating. You are so inspiring, Paula.
    Thank you for sharing your Spring ideas.
    Have a wonderful week.

  11. What a lovely spring mantle, Paula! I always love “visiting” your home and learning about all of your beautiful decor pieces. I love the stories behind each item. In addition to being beautiful, it is also so meaningful. Happy Spring, my friend!

    1. Thank you so much, Lynne! I am lucky to have inherited so many family pieces to use for decor. I hope you can see some signs of spring in your neck of the woods. It’s been 70 degrees here the past two days and today is going to be even warmer. I’m loving it!

  12. Paula, I’m always so fascinated by the stories behind your items, like those baskets and the crepe paper flowers. What a sweet memory of your granny. I absolutely love the vintage mirror and those sconces. You put it all together so beautifully. Happy spring!

    1. Thank you so much, Crissy! In many ways I am so much like my grandmother but she was artistic, a trait that I didn’t inherit. I can imagine that in Texas it is really feeling like spring.

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  14. What a beautiful mantel! Those plates are gorgeous and what a treasure to have!! Your Aunt Bessie sounds like she was a trail blazer. How cool to display those so perfectly here. Always love being on blog hops with you, friend!

  15. Paula, it’s always fun to see what beautiful inherited Items you will pull out to decorate with. The plates are lovely and the pink crepe flower is gorgeous. Love the crystal candlesticks too. Happy Spring, my friend.

  16. Paula what a beautiful Spring mantel! I always love your use of vintage and sentimental items. Those flowers from your grandmother are just beautiful and so special! Pinned!

  17. I really enjoyed seeing all of your antique and vintage pieces, Paula. Those plates from Miss Bessie and your great-great-aunt are so special. And what treasures those crepe flowers made by your grandmother are! Thank you for sharing all of these ideas.

  18. Paula – your seasonal mantels never disappoint! We love your sense of style and rich history of all of your pieces that you use. You have so many gorgeous items enjoyed by the generations. Those plates are swoon-worthy, but the crepe paper flowers are our favorites! Happy Spring!

  19. I love that your mantle contains so many heirlooms. It is both meaningful and beautiful! Happy Spring!

  20. Paula, the pink crepe paper flowers that your grandmother made are lovely! It’s so nice that they hold special memories of both your grandmother and your wedding day. I love the simple elegance of your spring mantel. The wreath looks great against your gold mirror. I’m going to check out how you made it next! Pinned. It’s always fun to hop with you, my friend!

  21. HI PAULA

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