An Evening at the Lake

Virginia has had perfect weather for the past few days. It’s been warm with blue skies and low humidity. Mr. SP and I took advantage of a nice evening and headed to the lake to eat dinner and watch the sunset.

It was actually cool while we were boating and I had to wrap up in my beach towels to keep from freezing. Mr. Chicago boy thought that is was still hot. I had read about a huge slide that someone has on an island, so we boated around until we found it. The people have a long slide, though not steep, that plops you right into the lake. It looks like loads of fun and I know I’d do it all day long, if I had the opportunity.

After finding the slide, we found a quiet cove and had a picnic. I packed potato salad and tomatoes mixed with basil, feta, salt, and rice vinegar.

We then boated over to the state park to watch the sun go down. (I thought about the Kenny Chesney song about the “big orange ball sinking in the water” while we watched nature’s show.)

I love the light at this time of day.

The clouds were spectacular after the sun went down!


  1. I think summer is on her way out. The evenings are cooler here now,can smell a little bit of fall in the air. Love the pictures of the sunset. Tried the one pot meal-like your Mother made. Turned out great.

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