Fabric Covered Cardboard Heart for Valentine’s Day

My Valentine mantel needed one more bit of bling, so I made a fabric covered heart that was nearly free since I had all of the supplies on hand.

To make this, I traced a heart on cardboard, cut it out, and then spray painted one side pink to match my fabrics.


I coated the painted side with Mod Podge and then pressed fabric roughly cut into a heart shape over it.FabricCoveredCardboardHeart3


Then I flipped the heart over and cut slits into the fabric to make it easy to glue over the heart’s curved edges.


I then cut two more hearts in graduated sizes out of coordinating fabrics and Mod Podged them into place.

The heart looked like it needed just a bit more bling, so I searched my inherited sewing stash and found some white nylon trim strips, perfect to make a ruffled edge.  (I think that my mother-in-law intended to use these for t-shirts.)

Hot glue made ruffle making easy.

I love the finished product!  It’s simple but so cute.

Isn’t the vase on the right gorgeous?  My very good friend gave it to me last summer when her mother had to move into an apartment.  I’ll always think of her mom when I use it!

This is definitely the most feminine mantel I’ve ever done and I love it!  Bring on the pink and the ruffles!


  1. What fun following the evolution of this mantle. I “heart” that red glass vase and will gladly take it off your hands whenever you grow tired of it which is likely NEVER.

  2. Very cute and the ruffles around the edge are the perfect finishing touch. Love it! You’re making me feel REALLY bad about my lack of Valentine decor.

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