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Easy to Make Cupcake Liner Heart for Valentine’s Day

Looking for an easy and inexpensive Valentine’s Day craft idea? I made a cupcake liner heart and I love how it looks on our mantel.

Heart cut from cardboard and decorated with pink and white cupcake liners

After making a Faux Patchwork Heart Wreath to hang over the mantel in our living room, I decided the mantel needed a few more Valentine touches.

 A ruffled heart made from cupcake liners filled in an empty space on the mantel perfectly.

Cardboard heart decorated with pink and white cupcake liners on a mantel with white milk glass and pink and red candles

How to Make a Cupcake Liner Heart

This cupcake liner heart was both easy to make and an inexpensive craft.


Step One: Cut Out a Heart from Cardboard

Draw a heart on cardboard using a Sharpie and cut out with a utility knife.

Tutorial to Make a Valentine's Day Cupcake Liner Heart

After making this project, I realized that the brown cardboard shows a tiny bit in my finished heart. I wish I would have either painted the cardboard white or used a white piece of foam core board as the base of the heart.

Step Two: Add the Cupcake Liners to the Heart

To make this project, I used cupcake liners that I purchased at Kroger. I purchased three packages of all white and three packages of pink/yellow/green.

If you can’t shop in person, here are Amazon links for cupcake liners:

Separate the yellow and green liners and save for baking.

Heart Cut from cardboard with pink and white cupcake liners

To make the cupcake liner heart, start by adding two rows of cupcake liners to the outer edge of the heart.

  • 1. Fold a cupcake liner in half. 
  • 2. Add a drop of glue to the right side and fold in half again. 
  • 3. Add another drop of glue to the right side and fold one more time. 
  • 4. Hold briefly until glue sets, then glue onto cardboard heart.
Tutorial to make a Valentine's Day heart with cupcake liners - Steps 1-4
  • 5. Glue one row of white cupcake liners to the edge of the heart.
  • 6. Add a second row of white cupcake liners. 
  • 7. Switch to pink cupcake liners and add two rows. 
  • 8. Fill in the middle of the heart with white cupcake liners.
Tutorial to make a Valentine's Day heart with cupcake liners - Steps 5-8

I love how this cupcake liner craft turned out!

Valentine's Day heart decor made with pink and white cupcake liners.

If you want to use the cupcake liner heart as a wreath, add a hanger to the back. For an easy hanger, make one like I made for my faux patchwork heart.

Display the Heart

I love how this heart looks on my Valentine’s Day mantel.

Valentine's Day mantel decor with two handmade heart crafts and milk glass vases with candles

To coordinate with the pink in the heart, I displayed it beside three milk glass vases used as candleholders with pink candles.

Three milk glass vases with pink candles and a cardboard heart decorated with pink and white cupcake liners

To the right of the heart, I used a milk glass footed vase with a dark pink pillar candle along with glass votives filled with matching dark pink votive candles.

Handmade cupcake liner heart displayed on a mantel with dark pink candles in a clear glass votive holder and in a milk glass vase

Here you can see why I wish that I would have either painted the cardboard white or used a white foam core board to make the heart. The brown cardboard can be seen just a bit.

Valentine's Day cupcake liner heart on a mantel with milk glass vases and candles

I really like the ruffles that the cupcake liners create.  This project reminds me of the top of an old-fashioned Valentine’s Day box of chocolates.

Pink, white, and ruffled…Perfect for my Valentine mantel!


  1. Paula, you are so clever! Love the pink, white and the ruffles, just perfect! What a sweet looking heart, oh, I love the candles and candlesticks too!

  2. What a pretty display! I am going to take your clever idea of using the milkglass vases as candleholders. Love that!

  3. Oh, Paula. That wreath is just beautiful. The touch of pink in it really makes it. Then when I saw your pink candles in the vases, I was totally in awe – and you teach middle school, too. WOW!

  4. This is darling, Paula! With all the different cupcake liners out there, you can make some really colorful ones! Great job!


  5. Hi Paula! You are the smartest one! I love your pretty heart! I’ve got to try this! Thanks for sharing how to do it.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia 😉

  6. So cute! Love the effects of the ruffled edges. I think I may have to try one of these!

    And I LOVE the candles displayed in the white milk glass pieces! I collect milk glass and enjoy seeing the different ways people use/display it!

  7. Such beauty! Thanks for the tutorial. Love the way the heart looks with your gorgeous white “vases” and pink candles! Hugs ~ Mary

  8. What a fun idea! Easy and inexpensive. Just how I like my crafts.

    I’m going to feature this at our Party in Your PJs link party tomorrow night on my Grandma Ideas site. Thanks so much for sharing this wonderful idea!

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