Lynchburg has abysmal choices for fabric shopping. Yesterday I went to Roanoke where the choices were much better. I think I found the fabric that I want to use for my dining room curtains.

This would be the main fabric for the topper:

This would be the fabric for the gussets:

This would be the fabric used to line the gussets and make the panels. It it much darker in person. The white part of the check is raised.

I’m not 100% sure. This project requires a lot of fabric and the cost to make them escalates quickly. I know that I’m saving a ton of money by making them myself, but it is still a big investment and I’ve got to be sure that I want to look at this fabric for many years. The good thing is that the paint on the walls coordinates pretty well and I might not have to repaint the room. I may do it anyway, but it’s nice not to have to do it.


  1. Love those fabrics!

    I’ve used that bottom fabric in many different color combinations–it comes in just about anything you could dream of, and it’s a perfect accent fabric.

  2. I haven’t been to Moyanne since she moved to her new location. I looked there several times, but didn’t see anything that inspired me. Maybe I’ll look there one more time!

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