Summer Vacation – Week One

I love not working. I’ve been out of school for nine days and it has been terrific. I like my students, my school, and I love my teacher friends, but boy is it nice to be in my own little world doing as I please!

I had two tennis matches last week – doubles on Monday and singles on Thursday. Monday was a good match. My team won 4 out of 5 courts. Becky and I played #1 doubles and won 7-5, 6-3. Our club is closed on Mondays, so I packed snacks for the team to enjoy after the match. I made the Margaritas recipe that Sippycups are for Chardonnay posted in this post. If you like Margaritas, give this a try. I couldn’t stop sipping and three glasses later felt mighty fine. (Guess who had to stop for a greasy McDonalds egg and cheese biscuit the next day on the way to Busch Gardens? Can you say Tequila hangover??) I also made Sippycup’s Cheese Slaw. This is also a must try recipe.

My match on Thursday didn’t start until 8 pm and it was inside. The cheap owners of “The Sports Racket” need to turn on the dang ac when it is 100 degrees outside. Maria Sharapova must haved rubbed off on me because my serve was nowhere to be found when I arrived to play. While warming up at my club, it was fine. Where did it go?? The heat was to my advantage because it really didn’t bother me too much and the other lady wilted. I won 6-1, 7-5. I’m having another serving lesson tomorrow with the pro to find my lost serve. I could pay for a kid’s college tuition with the money I’ve spent on serving lessons. (Money well spent. Hee-hee) We won #2 singles by a default, lost all three doubles courts, and won my court.

Mr. SP and I had a blast at Busch Gardens on Tuesday. It was not crowded and the were able to ride over and over without waiting. If you are going to Busch Gardens in Williamsburg, ride The Griffin. It is an awesome ride! The first two rows of seats hang over the largest hill for about 10 seconds and then the ride drops. What a thrill!

Busch Gardens has beautiful landscaping. I could spend hours looking at the plants.

Wednesday was spent shopping at Prime Outlets in Williamsburg. Lynchburg has very few shopping opportunities, so having the opportunity to shop in stores like Banana Republic and Ann Taylor was thrilling for me. Most everything that I bought was cheaper when it rang up at the register. I love that! I ended up with long white shorts from The Gap, short khaki shorts from Tommy Hilfiger, a cute white tee from Banana Republic, two tees from Ann Taylor, a dress to use as a swim coverup form J. Crew, and a tennis skirt from Nike. The most expensive clothing item was $25 with tax. My extravagent purchase was a purse from Michael Kors. The leather is butter soft and it wasn’t outrageously expensive.

We ate lunch at Pierce’s Pit BBQ and then it was time to head back home. Pierce’s has been written up in Southern Living Magazine many times. We liked it, but it is a tomato based bbq sauce and we really prefer vinegar based.
Looking rough post shopping:

One of my teacher friends had a gathering at her new house on Friday afternoon. We worked together in the 90’s and then she moved to South Carolina for seven years. She came back this past school year! She’s built the cutest house and a few of us were invited to see it.
I love her cat:

Look at this sleepy baby!

I need to ask Melanie exactly how she made this. It’s Brie, topped with apricot preserves, wrapped in pastry, and baked. It was really yummy! Let me know if any of you know how to make this.

Melanie is the best friend that I’ve ever made at school. I am so glad that she’s back. We make each other laugh! Here we are in her new kitchen.

I’m off to Roanoke and Radford for the day. Have a good Monday!


  1. Good luck with the tennis serve! I have also spent big money over the years trying to perfect my serve and in the end have found that there is nothing like a hopper of balls and time on the court. You just need to go for about an hour every day.

  2. Your first week of summer vacation sounds terrific! You got some great shopping deals. Is that your new purse in the picture with Melanie?

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