Fall Pillows

Last fall I saved a picture of an $89 pillow from Wisteria with the hope of making a version of my own.
Fall Pillow Inspiration

I also admired a copycat version from 517 Creations.  Didn’t she do a marvelous job?

My challenge was to make a version of these pillows using supplies I had on hand.  I made covers for two pillows that I already had on my porch using drop cloth pieces and quilting fabrics from my stash.

I’m pretty happy with my version.  Mine aren’t quite as bright as Wisteria’s or the one from 517 Creations, but I love the fabrics that I used from my stash.Fall Pillows Collage

These pillows were a bit time consuming to make, but I honestly enjoyed every minute of the creative process.

Here’s How:

Materials Needed

  • Drop Cloth
  • Fall colored fabrics for leaf and acorn pieces
  • Coordinating Thread
  • Heat ‘n Bond or Fusible Webbing
  • Paper to make pattern pieces


1.  To make the pillow, start by measuring your pillow form.  Add one inch to the measurement for the front side dimensions.  My form measured 19” x 19’” so I cut my front piece 20” x 20”.

2.  I wanted an envelope style pillow, so for the back two pieces, I cut one at 10” x 20” and the other 15” x 20.  I then ironed the edges under 1/2” and another 1/2” and then stitched the edges into place.
Fall Pillow Collage5

3.  I then cut a 20” x 20” piece of craft paper to make a pattern for the leaves and acorn.  I sketched the leaf and acorn shapes doing my best to copy my Wisteria inspiration photo.  You can see that it took a couple of tries before I got the leaf shape like I wanted it.  I then cut the pieces out.
Fall Pillow Collage1

4.  Pin the paper pieces to fabrics and cut out. (I made two pillows so I have two big leaves and six acorns.
Fall Pillow Collage2

5.  Iron Heat ‘n Bond to pieces, arrange on pillow, and iron into place.  I varied the acorn placement on my two pillows.
Fall Pillow Collage3

6.  Using a zig-zag stitch and coordinating thread, stitch around each piece.  Use a decorative stitch to add veins to the leaves and detail to the acorn.
Fall Pillow Collage4

7.  Line up the edges of the two back pieces so that they overlap in the middle, right sides together.  Pin into place.
Fall Pillow Collage6

8.  Sew around the edges using a 1/2” seam allowance.  Clip the corners and cut extra fabric from the edges of the pillow.
Fall Pillow Collage7

9.  Turn pillow cover right side out and press.  Stuff pillow cover with pillow forms.

I just love these!  Right now they are in my living room but as soon as it gets cooler, I’ll move them to our porch.
Fall Pillows4Fall Pillows5

If I decide to keep them in the living room, they’ll look great with a fall themed mantel.
Fall Pillows1

I’m happy to have something new for fall.


  1. Amanda @ Serenity Now says:

    Cute!! I love that you made the acorns different. What a nice Fall addition to your home. 🙂

  2. I like your fabric choices because they give the appearance of some texture. The pillows are lovely!

  3. Living Life in the Lowcountry says:

    Those are so cute! You are so creative!

  4. Ramblings of a Southern Girl ~ Rhonda G says:

    Your pillows are gorgeous! You did a wonderful job creating them, and they look charming in the wing backs!

  5. mississippi artist says:

    Wow! You did a fabulous job-love them. I may have to try this.

  6. Awesome pillow knock off, Paula! I am so excited that it is fall decor time again. Thanks for sharing.


  7. Laura / The Shed blog, by Pet Scribbles says:

    I love your fall pillows – they turned out just perfect! (I especially love the fabric used for the giant leaves!)

  8. Great job on the pillow!

  9. Really cute pillows! I found you from Grace at Home @ Imparting Grace.

  10. Paula, you did such a great job with these pillows! You know I’ve made drop cloth pillows for my front porch, including a couple of autumn leaf pillows–but mine are nowhere near this cool! You’ve inspired me to update those. I’ll let you know how they turn out! 🙂

  11. You did a great job! I love the contrast of the fall colors in the pillow with the cool colors of your chairs. They will look wonderful with a fall mantle!

  12. MJ @ 517 Creations says:

    Love your take on the pillow! Yours turned out fantastic!

  13. tvdinnerpro says:

    Beautiful pillows Paula. I’ll like curl up with one and a cup of tea right now! xo Malia

  14. I love how your version came out. The fabric you used is so reminiscent of the changing colors of real leaves. The texture you gave to the acorn tops with the burlap is genius. The best part is that you were able to make it similar to the original design but with your own unique spin. Love it!

  15. Alison @ The Polohouse says:

    What a great job you did, Paula! I love the textured fabrics you selected for your versions even better.
    They look fantastic in your room too. Great work!

    Thanks so much for sharing with all of us.
    Soooo wish I could SEW!


  16. Alison @ The Polohouse says:

    Oops. Lost my comment somewhere, Paula!

    Your pillows turned out fantastic. I LOVE your textured fabrics and your version even more that Wisteria’s. Great work!

    Wish I could sew!


    Thanks so much for sharing and inpiring all of us.


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