Family Fun at Smith Mountain Lake

Family Fun at Smith Mountain Lake by virginiasweetpea.com

Last Sunday we had a fun family day at Smith Mountain Lake.  It wasn’t very sunny but it was warm and we had a lot of fun talking, swimming, boating, kayaking, and eating.  Sherman was in the middle of things at all times and loved every minute of it.

Mr. SP and I refer to Sherman as “Captain Sherman” when we are on the boat because he loves to ride in front.

Sherman Skulina and Family - SML


I had the best three days last weekend because both my niece and my mom stayed with me.  Alex is a cousin but he is pretty much a nephew to me and Mr. SP.  Neither Reese nor Alex had seen Sherman in a long while and were impressed with how much he has grown.  He loved swimming with these two!

Sherman Skulina with Reese and Alex at SML


Alex and Sherman Skulina

Reese and Sherman look so cute enjoying a boat ride together.Captain Sherman Skulina with Reese


The tube comes out when kids are around.  The highlight was Alex finally getting up enough nerve to tube.  Reese and I talked it up to him in June when we were all at the beach.  His mom, Reese, and I were on the boat cheering for him when he finally did it.  Look at that face, you can see that he is having a ball!

Alex Tubes with a Smile


Reese loves tubing.Reese Tubing SML


Mr. SP cranks it up for Reese and she never falls off!

Spray in the Face SML


The kayak hadn’t been used since last summer when the same bunch visited.  We would like to use it more but Sherman doesn’t like to be left behind, so we don’t use it.  Spoiled dog!

Kayaking with Reese SML


Mama is not a dog person but you can tell that she likes Sherman.  She got a big kiss from him shortly after this pictures was taken.

Sherman Skulina with Grandmother


Sherman loves to sit near his favorite person in the world, Mr. SP.

Sherman Skulina with Daddy SML


The ladies, me included, spent most of the day relaxing on the dock.

Mama and Judy relax at SML


Sherman begs my mom for some of her cupcake here.  Of course he got it.  Maybe that’s why he weighed 76 pounds when he visited the vet this morning.

Sherman Skulina looks for food at SML


I hope we can squeeze in more family time at the lake before summer ends!


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