Christmas Porch Decor

I’ve been busy decorating for Christmas.  Yesterday I shared our front porch decorated for Christmas and today I’m sharing my Christmas Porch Decor.  We use our porch as our main entrance and I like for it to look festive for the holidays.

See a porch decorated for Christmas using mostly vintage decor and get ideas for decorating your Christmas porch from 18 bloggers.

Not only do we enjoy my Christmas porch decor, so do our neighbors.  Our house is on a corner and neighbors report that they love seeing my tree as they walk or drive by our home.

I’m sharing my Christmas porch along with 17 other bloggers.  This Christmas Porch Tour is hosted my friend, Amy, from Atta Girl Says.  If you aren’t familiar with Amy’s blog, I encourage you to check it out.  She’s a fabulous decorator, crafter, and cook whose blog I have enjoyed reading for many years.

You’ll find links to all of the porches shared at the end of this post.

Get ideas for decorating your Christmas porch from 18 bloggers. #christmas #christmasdecor #christmasporchdecor #christmasporch #christmasdecorations #vintage #vintagechristmas

Christmas Porch Decor

Every year I enjoy decorating our porch for Christmas.  Since we use this as our main entrance, we get to enjoy this spot several times a day.

See a porch decorated for Christmas using mostly vintage decor and get ideas for decorating your Christmas porch from 18 bloggers. #christmas #christmasdecor #christmasporchdecor #christmasporch #christmasdecorations #vintage #vintagechristmas

The porch screens are covered with removable plexiglass panels making this a spot that can be enjoyed almost year-round.

See a porch decorated for Christmas using mostly vintage decor and get ideas for decorating your Christmas porch from 18 bloggers. #christmas #christmasdecor #christmasporchdecor #christmasporch #christmasdecorations #vintage #vintagechristmas

The first thing that I did to get our porch ready for Christmas was to paint our Plow and Hearth bench black.  I made the fur pillow covers and also the buffalo checked snowflake pillow.  The reindeer rug is new from Lowes.

Plow and Hearth bench decorated for Christmas with fur pillow covers, a buffalo check snowflake pillow, and coordinating reindeer rug. #christmas #christmasdecorating #christmasporch

Bench – similar  ~ Rug ~ Pillow Covers – similar

The stool to the left of the bench was given to me by my mom.  The milk can to the right of the table is from an Iowa farm and was given to me by a neighbor when he moved.  On it is a lamp made from a vintage thermos that I found in a dumpster.  I used a tutorial by Pam from House of Hawthornes to make this.

Christmas Porch Decor - A black bench filled with Christmas pillows is flanked by a vintage metal stool with a tree planted in a vintage silver ice bucket along with a vintage milk can topped with a lamp made from a vintage thermos. #christmas #christmasdecorations #christmasporch #vintage #vintagechristmas

On the metal stool it is a Alberta Spruce tree planted in a vintage ice bucket.

Christmas Porch Decor - A vintage metal stool is topped with a tree planted in a vintage silver ice bucket. #christmas #christmasdecorations #christmasporch #vintage #vintagechristmas

I have used a tree on our porch for many years and our neighbors love seeing it at night.  In recent years I have started decorating it and I love seeing in every time I enter or leave this house.  This year I used buffalo check ribbon, snow kissed pine cone ornaments that I crafted, and I treated myself to a new Christmas tree skirt.

A rustic woodland tree decorates a Christmas porch along with a collection of vintage items. #christmas #christmasdecorations #vintage #vintagechristmas

Buffalo Check Ribbon – similar ~ Pine Cone Ornaments ~ Christmas Tree Skirt – similar

The sled was my brother’s and I have great memories of sliding down a long farm hill with him and then my dad would hook our sleds to his tractor and pull us back up the hill.  We got to ride both up and down the hill!  The scarf on the sled was my grandmother’s.  A friend gave me the vintage cooler when her mom could no longer live in her home.  The snowflake was my Secret Santa gift from last year’s Power Tool Challenge.  Don’t miss the Patchwork Wood Christmas Tree that I made for my Secret Santa this year!

Christmas Porch Vignette - A vintage Coleman cooler is topped with vintage thermoses and Santa mugs. A vintage sled is adorned with a vintage scarf. #christmas #christmasdecorations #christmasporch #vintage #vintagechristmas

On the sled are vintage thermoses and Santa mugs.  My mom’s friend gave me a box filled with Santa mugs that she collected.  These three are my favorites.

Christmas Porch Vignette - Vintage thermoses with Santa mugs. #christmas #christmasdecorations #christmasporch #vintage #vintagechristmas

The mug on the left is by Longaberger.  The middle mug is marked, “MA 1956”.  I wish I knew more information about it.  The one on the right has no marking and appears to be old but I’m not exactly sure of its age.  If you like Santa mugs, you can see my favorite that I inherited from my great-great aunt here.

Christmas Porch Vignette - Vintage Santa mugs. #christmas #christmasdecorations #christmasporch #vintage #vintagechristmas

More vintage items are on display to the left of the tree.  The shutter is from my mom’s 1913 home.

Rustic Woodland Christmas Tree with a Vintage Christmas Display #christmas #christmasdecorations #christmastree #christmasporch #vintagechristmas #cocacola

The vintage tool box in front of the shutter was given to me by my mom’s boyfriend.  He owns a number of rental properties near UVA and this toolbox was left behind by a graduate student.

Vintage Christmas Vignette - A Coke caddy, 1970's plastic snowman door decor, and an antique lantern are displayed on a an antique tool chest. #christmas #christmasdecorations #christmastree #christmasporch #vintagechristmas #cocacola

If you are a child of the 1970’s you may remember plastic decorations like my snowman.  My brother and I loved it when Mama pulled him out each Christmas.  The Coke caddy was my grandmother’s and was used to transport extra flowers to and from church or garden club to refresh her flower arrangements.  The lantern was my grandfather’s.

Vintage Christmas Vignette - A Coke caddy, 1970's plastic snowman door decor, and an antique lantern are displayed on a an antique tool chest. #christmas #christmasdecorations #christmastree #christmasporch #vintagechristmas #cocacola

Beside the door is my dad’s chalkboard with chalk art by my husband.  It looks like Santa is done with his deliveries and is enjoying a cold one with Rudolph.

Chalk art featuring Santa enjoying a cold one with Rudolph on an antique chalkboard. #chalkart #christmaschalkart #vintage #christmas

To the left of the door is a snowman made from dish pieces on a piece of barnwood.  I bought this at Centerfest in Bedford, VA from a local crafter.

Snowman made with dish pieces on a piece of barnwood.

The tree looks pretty at night and can be seen on three sides by neighbors walking or driving past our home.

Rustic Woodland Christmas Tree at Night #christmas #christmastree #christmasporch

I know you are going to enjoy seeing the Christmas porches that my friends are sharing.  I am looking forward to visiting each porch and getting decorating ideas from blogging friends.
Festive Christmas Porches - See 18 Christmas porches decorated for Christmas. #christmas #christmasdecor #christmasdecorating #christmasporch

Follow the links below for the full Christmas porch tour lineup, featuring 18 home decor bloggers. Be sure to visit everyone for lots of ideas to add festive touches to your porch and other outdoor spaces.

Monday, December 3 – Day 1

collage photo featuring four Christmas porches

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Tuesday, December 4 – Day 2

collage photo featuring four Christmas porches

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Wednesday, December 5 – Day 3

collage photo featuring four Christmas porches
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More Christmas Porch Ideas

See how I’ve decorated our porch in past years.  I’ve used some of the same things each year but in different ways.

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  1. You have such a wonderful collection of meaningful, vintage items. I always love strolling down memory lane with you during your home tours. I think it’s so special that friends and family gift you with their vintage treasures. What a tribute! I love some of the new additions to the porch this year, like that snowman art collage. And those Santa mugs are such treasures. And who knew your husband was such the chalkboard artist? I love it! Thanks for being a part of the tour again this year. Let’s pledge to meet for vintage shopping and Mama Crockett’s doughnuts in the new year! (They’re coming back to Greensboro this weekend, and you know we’ll be lined up for them.)

  2. I adore the plastic snowman! I think they called that popcorn and I remember having a Santa made like that! You do the best job of using your vintage items on your porch each year! This year may be my favorite – like you asked me to choose or anything 🙂 !

  3. You know how to photograph a Christmas tree!! I’m trying to figure it out quickly….. But the purple lights look more pink than they are….
    I like the furry pillows.

    1. Thank you! I take a lot of pictures for any blog post and weed through them to pick the best to use. I made the furry pillow covers!

  4. Paula, you know I love your vintage accents. The sled, and ice chest, and Santas–oh my! Excited to be joining you on the tour! Blessings, Cecilia @My Thrift Store Addiction

  5. Paula, I love all your vintage treasures on your porch! And I love that the neighbors get to enjoy it too!! If you ever get tired of that stool…send it my way 😉 Have a very Merry Christmas!!

  6. Paula, it is a treat to see how you’ve decorated your porch each year. You have so many precious and meaningful family treasures. I bet that when you sit on your porch, you feel surrounded by the love of those family members. We had a Coleman cooler just like yours when I was growing up except ours was green. That thing sure kept ice well! Now that I’ve seen how you’ve turned your milkcan into a table, I’ve got to do the same!

  7. Gir, you’ve been busy decorating and making pillows! I just love the vintage feel and the lovely plaids that you’ve used. I need that rug from Lowes. So cute!!! So pretty and welcoming,,,,no wonder your neighbors enjoy their view! Merry Christmas!!

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