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Getting a DVR has been the best thing to ever happen in my TV watching life.  My favorite shows end up starting at 10 pm and I never can make it to the end.  Sometimes I don’t make it to the beginning.  The DVR means I can watch my shows when I want to watch them and skip the commercials.  Love it!
Bethenny Getting Married has been one of my favorite shows this summer.  I love her humor and how she tells it like it is.  Jason seems like the perfect match for her and now that she’s a mommy to sweet little Bryn they are a family.  I can’t wait for another season.
I caught up on episodes of Glee this summer that I missed last fall and spring.  My all time favorite scene from Glee is when Kurt does his “single ladies” dance before he kicks the winning field goal.
I love all of the The Real Housewives series except for Atlanta and now DC.  My favorite ladies are The Real Housewives of NYC, followed by The Real Housewives of NJ, and then The Real Housewives of OC.  I enjoyed the NYC ladies at the beginning of the summer and I’ll be sad when the NJ season is over.  I’m wondering what will happen with the NJ group in the future since Teresa is bankrupt and Dena quit.  Dena was my favorite and I hated that trashy Danielle forced her out.
I like all of these ladies, even Ramona.
I’ll bet you can guess the only one I can’t stand……
of course it is Danielle.  TRASHY!
Project Runway is another favorite.

My favorite designer is Peach but I doubt if she’ll make it to the end.

I like Gretchen’s work but I can’t stand her cocky attitude.  I think she’ll get thrown off her Project Runway high horse before too long.
I loved Jackie’s Gym when it used to come on Bravo.  Her new show, Thintervention, starts on September 6.  Jeana, a former OC housewife, is going to be on the show.  I’ll set my DVR for this!
Do you like the shows that I like?  One that I wish that I’d watched from the beginning is Mad Men.  Perhaps I could rent DVD’s to catch up.

Help me out.  What shows do you think are not to be missed?  Leave a comment and let me know shows that you like that I may not watch.  My favorites will soon be over and I can’t not have a show to watch.


  1. I don’t watch much Reality TV, but I think you would like Mad Men (rent the DVD’s!) and Friday Night Lights. They’re both really well written and acted.

  2. I loved Bethenny Getting Married! It was really such a happy show. I would be watching it with this great big smile on my face. RHONJ is the same way, minus Danielle and her drama. All those other ones are just so funny! Don’t really love DC. They seem to be really mean spirited, but maybe they’ll grow on me. I also DVR, not cause they come on too late, but because my hubby will NOT watch them, and I have to wait till he goes to bed.

    GLEE is my favorite! We both watch that and love it! I always feel sad when it’s over, cause it’s over and I have to wait for more.

  3. LOVE Project Runway and Glee. 🙂 I thought I’d really like Gretchen, but she is waaaayyyy overconfident. The way that she was bossing everyone around and giving “advice” was just plain annoying.

    I just started watching Real Housewives of DC. I’ve never seen the series before. Those women are so pretentious and full of themselves. I dislike all of them.

  4. Paula, our TV watching habits are very similar. I too enjoyed Bethenny Getting Married. Although, I could have done with about 1/2 of the “in labor” experience. 🙂 I do think Jason is a perfect match for her. And isn’t Bryn just the cutest newborn! I do hope they do another season.

    As far as the RH shows, the only one I’ve really enjoyed much is the NYC one. I have watched the first two episodes of DC and I would say the jury is still out on that one. That NJ one scares me. LOL! I’m laughing but I’m also a little serious. 🙂

    Project Runway! Well, Gretchen… Thank goodness she didn’t win last week. I really thought she should not have won the second week. Was there anything special about that jumpsuit she did? Anyway, we will see what happens this week. Since I totally gave up cable TV I watch PR online. Lifetime is really good about putting the episodes up almost immediately. Still, I normally don’t get to it before the weekend.

    I have been buying the RH of DC episodes from either iTunes or Amazon On Demand. I’m not taking a pledge to never have cable again, but it’s been almost 3 weeks now and I haven’t missed it at all really.

    I got the first season of Glee from Netflix last week. I think season 2 is on it’s way to me. That is a quirky show.

    Please keep us updated about Jackie’s new show. I liked her old show too.

    I did watch the first episode of Flipping Out and the Rachael Zoe Project. I’ll probably end up buying those episodes eventually too.

    OK, before I gave up cable, I started watching The Hills & The City on On Demand. I’m definately a little older than their target market. 🙂 But I kind of enjoyed them. And, all of the episodes are on the MTV website. Now I finally know who Heidi Montag is. 🙂 And that her sanity might be in question. 🙂

  5. I DVR Bethenney Getting Married and all the Housewife shows…are you watching D.C. yet?
    Agreed about Danielle. I love Caroline!

  6. I love Bethenny Getting Married! Such a great show. I didn’t think I would like her (never watched RHONY), but ended up loving her.

    Mad Men is probably the best show I have ever watched. We caught up with the DVDs and are now watching the current season. The only problem is having to wait a week between episodes 🙂

  7. I highly recommend renting the DVDs for Mad Men. I did this in the Spring and loved every episode. My other suggestion would be to try watching Flipping Out, also on Bravo. The new season just started a couple of weeks ago. Like you, I loved Bethenny’s show and really hope she is back for another season.

  8. My Hubby likes Glee. I did enjoy the clip I saw when they did Marky Mark and The Funky Bunch. I love all the new TNT shows. Rizzoli and Isles, Hawthorne, Memphis Beat and I adore Drop Dead Diva. I couldn’t live without my DVR either.

    I LOOOOVE Mad Men. I caught the first season on a Saturday marathon and started DVRing it during the second season. I missed some this season though and just started again last week. I didn’t even know it had started again. I loooooove it! You should definitely get the first season!

  9. I don’t watch much tv, but I do wish that I had DVR because it seems that the things I want to watch come on when I can’t watch them. Carla

  10. Gosh I haven’t watched any of those shows. I have heard of a couple of them but the rest I haven’t but I to go to bed really early.

    I do lots of my watching tv at lunchtime at work on the internet. Saves me money on my DVR…I have thought about buying one but I don’t watch much anyway.

    However, I do like The Gates…if your a Twlight fan then this is something to that effect. I also watch Rookie Blues, Big Brother…other than that not much. Oh wait I do like Lifetime Movies from time to time. Just got to be in the mood to watch things.

  11. Oh yahoo, someone else who dvr’s the same shows as me! I am not real thrilled with Design Star this season, no one seems to have a lot of depth and talent. The DC’s HW I refuse to watch since that whole ordeal with the sneaking into the White House dinner..put a bad taste in my mouth for the show. I never post about the shows for fear people will think I am shallow for watching mindless shows. It is a nice stress relief for me and I am so glad to hear other reputable people watch them too!

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