Getting Tired of These…

Have you been invaded by Stink Bugs?  I’ve found them here and there over the past year, but lately I’ve been finding more and more.

I read that they were accidentally introduced in Eastern PA in the mid ‘90’s.  Around here they appear to have no enemy and can unfortunately cause crop damage.

I have never smelled the stink but people say it is not a nice smell.  I wonder if the offensive smell could be genetic; some find it offensive, some don’t.  Maybe I’m one of the lucky people who genetically don’t find them offensive. 

Did you know that finding the smell of a skunk unpleasant is genetic?  To some they don’t smell bad at all.  I didn’t inherit that gene, skunks smell pretty horrible to me.

The main room in our house that I find Stink Bugs is in our living room.  I suspect that they are crawling down the chimney.  I hope that they stay away from other parts of my house, particularly my bedroom.

What about you?  Do you have a Stink Bug problem?  Can you smell the stink?


  1. I see them on the outside of the house on occasion, but fortunately not inside. I’ve never smelt one, and hope I don’t!

  2. We’ve been lucky here at Applejack Lane. However, my son’s house in Staunton has had pretty frequent visitors! I thought over the winter, they had disappeared, but I have noticed that in the past few weeks, the pesky creatures have rebounded. We have been told that this year, the bugs will be much worse.

  3. I killed three the other day in the house. I hate them. I take two tissues ~has not to feel their hard shell which freaks me out a bit and flush them down the toilet.

  4. Don’t think I have those.

    I did not know that the skunk smell was genetic. I’ve never smelled one. But then, I’m not sure I’ve ever been in a situation where I should have smelled one.

  5. I have never heard of these…unless they go by a different name here. Is there some way you can poison them?


  6. Ewww, yuck! I haven’t seen any around here, but I do remember my brother squishing one when we were kids, and yes it was stinky!
    I can’t imagine anyone not thinking skunks stink…I didn’t know it was genetic!

  7. I read a lot of blogs on my lunch hour usually about fashion or food. I’ve been reading a ton of them today about green food, red hair, green fashion; but, I just about fell off my chair laughing when I read yours! Whatever possessed you? Stink bugs – you must not be Irish! Love your blog!

  8. Eeeew! Yes, I have seen some around here. I have been careful not to smash them in the house b/c I don’t know about the smell. I hate bugs. :s

  9. bugs that go CRUNCH make my skin crawl! we had a wolf spider infestation in our FL house and now that we’re in NC… our main problem bugs are moths, fire ants, and mosquitos are on the way!


    Jenn @ Peas & Crayons

  10. Skunks stink to me – – – but I had an aunt who could smell them and LIKED the odor.

    I don’t smell stink bugs until I CRUSH them to kill them – – – then it is nasty in a sickeningly sweet kinda way.

  11. Oh Paula!!!! – im out by Philly & yes we have these around at this time of yr!!!
    I don’t smell them either – so I too am not sure what people are experiencing with the so called “small” …but they can be a pain! I hate any type of bug -especialy when they get into the house.
    A tthis time of yr I see these bugs & I have to spray for ants aswell – we all love spring but it does bring critters along with it. – Nice to know we are not alone over here!

  12. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a stink bug in my house, but I do have ants. I had NO idea that whether you find skunks stinky was gentic. That’s crazy!

  13. Aren’t they just the most annoying little critters! We have them outside and inside 🙁 And now that the sun is shining I have been noticing them more. We’ve never smooshed one and haven’t smelled the stink…we usually flush them (not good on the sewer bill)!

  14. Hi Paula..I do see them occasionally, but outside. And yes…they do stink…but not as bad as a skunk! We had bats coming down our chimney in the middle of the night at our old Victorian house. Yikes! A glass fireplace screen solved that problem…thank goodness! Happy weekend!…hugs…Debbie

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