Sherman Visits the Lynchburg Dog Park

Our eight month old puppy, Sherman, is a high energy dog who requires a lot of exercise.  Last weekend Sherman had his first visit to the Lynchburg Dog Park and he loved it!  The dog park is a short drive from our house, but instead of driving, we walked Sherman.  We are lucky to live in a town that’s full of woods and trails.  Since we both run, we know the trails well, and were able to walk Sherman to the park without being on any busy streets.

Sherman Skulina on a path in Lynchburg, VA


The Lynchburg Dog Park is donor funded and is a great asset to Lynchburg.  The park has two large play areas, one for small dogs and the other for large dogs.

Lynchburg Dog Park - Small Dog Side


Each play area is clearly marked with the rules on display.

Lynchburg Dog Park - Small Dog Entrance


Sherman got so excited when he realized that he was going to get to play with another dog.  He couldn’t wait to enter the play area!

Sherman is Excited to Enter the Lynchburg Dog Park

Lynchburg Dog Park - Large Dog Entrance


Rose, a 6 month old Boxer, was the only other dog at the park the day we visited.  Sherman and Rose had a ball chasing each other and wrestling.

Lynchburg Dog Park - Large Dog Play Area


Sherman Plays with Rose


There are benches on the edge of the park for owners to relax while the dogs play.  It was a hot day and it didn’t take Rose and Sherman long to find the shade for a break.

Lynchburg Dog Park - Shade


After a short break, they were back at it!

Lynchburg Dog Park - Sherman Plays with Rose


There’s a doggie water fountain in the center of the park with bowls.  Isn’t that a nice feature?

Lynchburg Dog Park - Water


Lynchburg Dog Park - Donate


After playing for a half hour, Sherman was ready to head home.  Lucky for Sherman, the walk home was mostly creek side.  Sherman took many swim breaks to cool off.

Sherman Runs up the Blackwater Creek Bank


We are so lucky to have a great trail system in our town.  We can walk Sherman for miles and miles and be in the woods nearly the entire time.

Sherman Skulina Comes Home


Time for another swim break!

Sherman Skulina Swims


By the time we walked back to our neighborhood, Sherman was starting to get very tired.

Sherman Skulina Walks Home


He wasn’t too tired for a quick stop at Nick and Weston’s house for a quick play session.

Sherman Plays with Nick and Weston


Nick loves wrestling with Sherman.  Weston observes and occasionally gives the two youngsters a bark or two.

Sherman Wresles Nick


After walking an hour each way, playing, and swimming, Sherman was tuckered out.

Sherman Skulina is finally tired

Don’t worry about Sherman, in a few hours he was ready to go again!

Now that we know that Sherman likes the dog park, we will certainly visit it again.  Hopefully, a few more dogs will be there next time and we’ll both enjoy watching the doggie play action.

Do you have a dog park where you live?


  1. Wow you really do have a nice area to walk with Sherman!! He sure did enjoy the dog park…I’m sure he and Rose will look for each other on their next visit!! We don’t have a dog park in our little community but I have thought for sometime about talking to the city to see about designating an area for one…. fenced of course! Thanks! I love the “doggie” posts!

    1. June – We are so lucky to live in a city with nice trail both paved and unpaved. I’m glad you like my doggie posts. Sherman starts “school” Tuesday and I plan to write a post about his first class.

  2. We do, but I don’t like it at all. The few times I have been there the dogs were aggressive and the owners sort of sketchy. We are close to trails where we take our dog to run off-leash pretty much everyday. Percy is a 2 year old Aussie and very high energy too. We actually send him to a doggy day care in the country once a week and he herds dogs to his heart’s delight under the tight supervision of the dog trainer. We don’t plan on doing this forever, probably just another year. It’s totally worth ths $$ for us to get a break from him!

    1. Kate – There might be times where aggresive dogs are at our dog park, too. I would never go there alone because ours is isolated. A doggie day care in the country sounds wonderful for your Percy. I’ll bet Sherman would love that. We have a doggie day care in town that’s indoors. An outdoor one sounds just wonderful.

  3. hey Sweet Pea, we use come there & play ball in Lynchburg but that’s not name park as i can remember,my grand kids play there all so, I live in Roanoke, I like your blog,Cookie17

    1. There is a practice field near the dog park but you probably watch ball at Peak’s View. We are really lucky to have the dog park in town.

  4. That’s name could not think of it.I don’t have any dog’s but every one knows how much I love then & my HB does to but we at age if get sick would break my heart give up,so I carry biscuits around & give doggies biscuitslol neighbors dogs even know my car when starts,lol These park here I think Highland lets dogs there .Thank’s for answering enjoyed talking to ya have great careful …Cookie17

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