Slowly Easing Into Fall Decorating

I am having trouble getting motivated to decorate for fall this year.  A bit of it has to do with laziness as I have zero motivation to pull out my many fall boxes, unpack them, and then try to figure out where I want to put what.  Maybe the motivation will hit me next weekend.  If I get any decorating done, it has to be on the weekend because I am simply too tired at night after school to do much more than eat and get ready for the next day.

This past weekend I wanted to play around with the decorative stitch feature on the sewing machine that I inherited from my mother-in-law and decided to make something for my dining room table.  I made the Mod Podged vase last fall and kept last fall’s arrangement in the pot where it dried and still looks pretty good, I think, though I need to fill in a few empty spots with more Hydrangea.

I made my table adornment out of a drop cloth by simply ironing the edges under and sewing them into place.  I then selected four stitch designs that I liked and sewed around the square, changing thread colors with each pattern change.

If you look carefully, you can see imperfections in my stitches.  The machine didn’t like the floral stitch and jammed a few times.  It also didn’t like the shiny brown thread that I selected and jammed many times.  There are so many stitch patterns that I haven’t yet tried.  Getting a fancy machine opens up so many sewing possibilities!

Later in the day, I switched last year’s arrangement to the three vases that I had on my table with my late summer ruffled table runner.  The grasses have really opened up and dried since August.  I like the touch of fall that they add to my table.Table3

My plan is to fill an antique bowl with gourds for this table.  I think the gourd colors should coordinate nicely with the four thread colors that I chose for decoration.

Is your house decorated for fall or is a work in progress? 


  1. I love the stitching on the table square! My house is still a work in progress, unfortunately. I want to do some more fall decorating this weekend.

  2. This is so cute…you are too hard on yourself!! Have fun finding all the new and different stitches!! Love your arrangements!

    I haven’t started decorating for fall yet…I have a lot of stuff to unpack for it and I know I will be living it with it for 2 months so I’m not in a big hurry!! 🙂


  3. Mine is DEFINITELY a work in progress! I love your new table runner–I think you did a great job with the stitching! I’m impressed that you’ll try something new. I’m such a stick-in-the-mud. . . I should emulate you and give something fun like this a try!

  4. Work in progress! I’m still tweaking things. I love the idea of doing the bowl with the gourds! Very cool. 🙂

  5. Your table square runner is such a great idea! I think my sewing machine can do similar stitches, so I would love to make my own.

    I wish I had my fall decorating act together. I really feel the pressure since the Canadian Thanksgiving is a little over a week away. I’ve got to get busy!!!

  6. Love the table square!
    I’m mostly done, I’ll add some Halloween stuff in a bit and real pumpkins etc as I find them at the market. But for now I’m done, and it feels pretty good 🙂

  7. Love the ModPodge vase you made Paula and also the table scarf, it is wonderful! The change-up looks sweet…the white with dried grasses look very fallish!

  8. I love the different specialty stitches you used. It turned out fabulous! I’ve wanting to experient with my stitches, but I never seem to have the time. I need to make it a point to try though. You’re right about the gourds. They colors of the thread will look so pretty with them.

  9. I like that vase you mod podged. (Is that a word?) The little table covering is so simple, but I love it. What a good idea you had – and I like the thread colors you chose. I also like the three vases with the grass in them. Another simple look that looks fantastic!

  10. Cute! It would be so much fun to have a machine that can stitch fun stitches! Have fun playing with it!
    As for decorating…after I finished outside I kind of slowed down. I think it is all the rain we keep getting.

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