Goodbye to Kamarie

One of my former students died yesterday. She was born with MD and by 7th grade was in a wheelchair. This little girl was the sweetest little thing with the best attitude I’ve ever seen. She didn’t let being in a wheelchair stop her from doing anything. I remember taking the kids skating and Kamarie whipping around the rink in her electric wheelchair. The kids took turns holding on and enjoying the ride. Kamarie loved clothes and especially shoes. Here’s a picture that I took of her one day when we presented projects. She had new boots and wanted to make sure that they were in the picture. I didn’t know that she was sick and was so shocked that she passed away. She will be missed. I don’t think her mom would mind me posting this. I’m going to try to go to family night when I find out the details. It is just so sad…


  1. How sad! It is shocking when one so young dies. I can see why she wanted her boots in the pic; those are awesome!

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