Goodbye 1980…Hello 2009

I treated myself to a new toy this weekend – a food processor.  I inherited Granny’s 1980ish Sunbeam when she moved into a retirement home.  It served me well for five years and then a small plastic piece broke, making the entire machine unusable.  Secretly I was glad.  Her food processor was a pain.  The blade would get stuck in the bowl, the bowl would get stuck, it was big, it was heavy, and it was a real pain to clean.  To be fair, I asked Mr. SP to fix it.  He can fix anything and if he can’t fix it, then it is truly broken.  He pronounced Granny’s food processor broken, leaving the door wide open for me to buy a new one.

I’ll be honest.  I didn’t do any research.  I had a $50 gift card to a local kitchen store and I went there and compared a Kitchen Aid with a Cuisinart.  I liked how the Kitchen Aid looked, so I went with it.  The prices for the two brands were about the same.

Granny’s 1980ish Sunbeam:


1980ish cover that Granny made:


Welcome to my kitchen Mr. Kitchen Aid!


My new food processor came with this nice case for the accessories.


The accessories are pretty much the same as what Granny’s Sunbeam had.


I’ve had a ball playing with my new machine.



Aren’t these colors pretty?


You know you are getting older when an appliance thrills you this much!!


  1. Oooo, a food processor! I still don’t have one…I’m still chopping by hand & blending in the mixer (I guess that I’m still stuck in 1980). 🙂

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