Happy Valentine’s Day

I hope that everyone has exciting plans for Valentine’s Day. Hubby and I agreed not to buy cards or candy, but we are going to dinner at the club. I hope that he buys me some candy anyway! Some conversation hearts would be a good choice since I’m not big on chocolate. I’m going to wear a really cute black and white wrap dress that I bought last year.

I didn’t do much Valentine’s decorating this year. I did manage to look through my inherited vintage postcards to find these two to display. Valentine’s must not have been a big deal in the early 1900’s. I have lots of Christmas, Easter, and Thanksgiving cards from that time period, but only these two Valentine’s.

Here’s a closer look at the two vintage cards:

Granny is doing pretty well. We had a nice visit with her on Sunday. We did have a terrible time getting home. The interstate was blocked because of an accident. We were able to get off the interstate and go to another road to get back home, but it was closed due to fires in the area. We backtracked, took a few side roads, and made it home by going to Smith Mountain Lake and then home. It took forever!

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