Snow Day!

Yes! My wish came true! No school and lots and lots of beautiful, fluffy snow. The temperature stayed below freezing here all day, so it is still a winter wonderland outside.

I spent most of today cleaning. I started in the kitchen and did the cabinets, drawers, refrigerator, microwave, and the floors. I even turned on the self-cleaning feature of the oven and cleaned it. My racks are huge and I have to take them outside to scrub. They will have to wait!

I dusted, vacuumed, and switched out some winter decor for something more reminiscent of spring. I can’t wait to get out my Easter things, but I will wait a week or two before doing so.

I switched the pine cone wreath that had been hanging over my fireplace for a SL@H mirror. I moved a chocolate set from the dresser in my bedroom to the mantel. I like how it looks here. I’m sure it will be moved somewhere else before too long!

I put away my Swarovski snowflakes and brought out a few bird items. Goodbye winter-hello spring!

On Sunday, I cut some Forsythia to force into bloom. It should put on a pretty show by the end of the week.

After all of that cleaning and “fluffing” in the house, I had to get outside for a bit. I went for a run that really tired me out. Pushing your legs through deep snow is exhausting. The trail will most certainly be an icy mess by tomorrow. It was nice when I ran because it was either pure snow or slush. It is supposed to be very cold here tonight which will make the slush ice tomorrow. I probably won’t be running on the trails again until this stuff melts. I am scared to death of falling on ice.

I’m off to cook dinner. We’re having steak, mashed potatoes, and roasted asparagus. I shoveled off the deck after I ran so that Mr. SP would be able to grill. My Chicago boy won’t mind grilling in the cold!

There’s no school again tomorrow! Yippee!


  1. You are hardcore, girl…running in the snow! I would only run in the snow if bandits were chasing me, and even then I’d probably give up and ask for a ride on their snowmobile. 😉 You got a LOT done. Yay for you!

  2. You have MORE energy. I cannot believe all the housework, decorating and exercise you got done in one day. You must be young! lol!

    I love that chocolate set (as you call that really the name?) It’s so pretty. What is the history behind that?


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