Goodwill Paint-by-Number

Can you believe that someone donated this pretty paint-by-number to Goodwill?  I almost missed it but at the last second decided to check the picture section to see if there were any good frames available.

I love everything about this picture:  the colors, the cabin, the adirondack chairs by the water,  and especially the dogs in the water.

Lake scene paint-by-number scored at Goodwill

I might be getting someone in trouble.  It looks like Kimp Smith painted this for Joel and Lois but they didn’t want it.  Their loss is my gain!  I love Kimp’s work!

Signed Goodwill Paint-by-number

I propped this picture up on the mantel and enjoyed it all summer until I had an inspiration.  I’ve got a lot of framed pictures in my attic that I no longer display.  I wondered if something in my attic would work for this picture.  When you spend $1.99 for something you don’t really want to spend a mint framing it.

I pulled a picture that I gave to my dad for Christmas when I was in college out of the attic and believe it or not, it’s a perfect fit for my paint-by number!

For all of you who aren’t Hokies, this is the Virginia Tech Duck Pond.  It’s a lovely place that I enjoyed visiting from time to time while in college and now when I go on field trips with the agriculture teacher at my school.  This past June, our boys enjoyed their lunch break fishing here.

Elva Davis print from 1986. Virginia Tech Duckpond

Elva Davis died in March of 2014.  Her painting of Burruss Hall is still for sale at the Virginia Tech bookstore.

Virginia Tech Duck Pond print by Elva Davis.

I popped the duck pond scene out and replaced it with my paint-by-number.  Hurray!  I framed my art for free!

Lake scene paint-by-number scored at Goodwill

This will most definitely hang at the lake when our house is complete.


If anyone knows Joel and Lois, please thank them for donating this to the Forest, Virginia Goodwill!  And if anyone needs a Virginia Tech Duck Pond print, let me know.


  1. This is a gorgeous painting and you are one lucky lady to have found it for $1.99. No matter who painted it, it’s certainly a big check mark in your column! Way to go for re-using a “cast-off” and framing it from something you already had. I love re-purposing, reusing, upcycling – whatever we can keep out of the landfill!

    1. Thank you, Barbara! I’m lucky that my mom keeps everything. That’s why I had the frame in my attic.


  2. This piece of artwork is perfect for the lakehouse – complete with the lake and dog and everything. I love the bright colors in it. How fun you were able to find a frame that fit it perfectly from your stash. I’m impressed!

  3. Your “new” picture is perfect for the lake house.
    Funny story about the duck pond for you. When my son was a senior in high school, Tech won a big game. (I can’t remember who they beat.) He went on the field and helped pull down the goal post. He said they carried it through town before dumping it in the duck pond.
    (And now I’m trying to figure out how he got back to my parents’ house??? We must have spent the night before going home.)

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