Wreath Making Day

Today was wreath making day. I made a monogram “S” for my front door and wreaths for over our fireplace, our kitchen door, and one for Mr. SP’s dad. Mr. SP was really sweet and helped me to clip all of the greenery. I set up my wreath making area in our basement. Boy did I make a mess!

The supplies:

This is the wreath that I made for over our fireplace. I really tried to use a variety of material in my wreaths this year. I’ve had this ribbon for several years now and it just seemed perfect for this wreath.

The next wreath to be made was the monogram “S”. Unfortunately, I broke the “S” while I was wiring on the greenery. I was able to glue it back together with wood glue and after being clamped for an hour it seemed fine, so I continued to wire on the greenery. I think that another form might have to be constructed for future years.

The next wreath to be constructed was one for Mr. SP’s dad. I took it over to his house this evening to hang it on his front door. I hope that it will bring him some cheer this holiday season.

This wreath is on the door leading from our deck to the kitchen.

Mr. SP hung the wreaths on the outside of the house and put the candles in the windows while I finished decorating the front door area. I would never have finished today if he had not helped.

Ignore that only one candle was on at the time! I still need to sweep the front porch and fill the containers by the porch with Magnolia.

My mantel did not turn out the way I had envisioned but it will do. I covered cones with ribbon to make a forest of trees. The garland that is on the greenery is really pretty, but you can’t see it well in the picture. The attached balls are brown and green and covered in frosty glitter.

We had a tennis match at 6 pm, so I had to stop decorating at this point. If I had not had tennis to attend, I would have made an arrangement for our kitchen table. I really am not sure what I want to make for it.

Today is supposed to be my decorating deadline, but I still want to:
~Decorate the top of my pie safe (not sure what to do)
~Make some sort of arrangement for the kitchen table
~Decorate the counter tops in the kitchen – I already have my Lenox Holiday platter in a corner with my creamer and sugar bowl on either side of the platter.

What is not getting done this year:
~I am not putting a tree on my screened porch. I just can’t face putting the tree together branch by branc and wrapping each branch individually with lights. I’m thinking about donating the tree to Goodwill and buying a pre-lit one next year.
~I don’t think that any baking will get done this year unless I can squeeze it in next weekend. Mr. SP’s sister is coming to town next weekend and I’m not sure that I’ll have any free time.

I have a few more decorating pictures to share. I’ll save those for another post this week.

I am so much happier when my house is decorated for the season. It is starting to feel like Christmas around here!


  1. You did a fabulous job crafting the wreaths. I’m glad that you were able to save your initial wreath. Your christmas decs are beautiful!

    What is the berry that you’re using? It looks like a berry bush that I’ve been eyeing not far from the house. I’ve not been brave enough to knock on the door and ask if I can snip a few for decs.



  2. Cathy – The berry is Holly – I’m not sure the type. It grows along the fenceline in my fil’s yard. It was nice to have a source close to home where I could help myself!

  3. Everything looks lovely! I ordered a K wreath from Ballard but frankly it is hard to tell that it is a K…what shrub/tree is in the front between the 2 windows?

  4. There is someone I know who could use your “S” wreath!! Any ideas???? I LOVE IT!! What a great job you did, and I’m so jealous you have such gorgeous greenery around where you live to use. I remember living in Va. and decorating with real holly, magnolia leaves, etc. You did a great job. Your house looks like a Christmas card.

  5. Somehow I found your blog, and on the right day, for sure! i love the letter “s” wreath! I need an “E” wreath, now that I am inspired…off to the store!

  6. Everything is beautiful. I made a wreath almost exactly like the one over your fireplace, and guess where mine is…over the fireplace! I would love to know where you got the “s” mold. I tried to bend 2 wire clohtes hangers together, but they are still not strong enough.

  7. Wow…your decorating is beautiful and I love that you make your wreaths yourselves. If I lived closer I would have liked to watch and help…maybe it would have gone faster!

    Good luck getting it all done.

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