Hoot – Hoot!!

Have you noticed all of the cute owl items in stores?  It reminds me of the 1970’s!  I remember making the cutest owl plaque in bible school.  I’m surprised my mother hasn’t delivered it to me in her station wagon, but I digress.

At Christmas someone kindly posted a link to this cute owl ornament created by Jessica Levitt at Juicy Bits.  Click here to get the pattern that Jessica so generously provided.

Owl orns 2

Jessica’s supply list includes felted wool for this project.  I used regular felt because it was cheap and readily available.  I forgot to buy rick-rack, so I improvised with white felt.  I also forgot to buy anything to make the hanger, so I used some green rick-rack from my stash.  Adding to the “I forgot to buy” includes eyes.  Mr. SP suggested using BB’s and they were perfect!  I love a creative man!

I’ve made two so far.  Aren’t they cute??


Can you see the snow in my backyard?  We are supposed to get more this weekend!


I’ll keep one of these and save the other for my niece for Christmas next year.  I’m hoping to make a few more.  I may as well since I have the supplies on hand.

It’s yet another snow day here in VA.  Today’s topic of study for me is acids, bases, and salts followed by bonding.  I really wish I didn’t have to teach this new course.  Perhaps I will like it after I’ve taught it for a few years and after I’ve become confident in my knowledge of the material.  I would much rather spend a snow day crafting something!

This is a really easy project and one that older kids could do with a little help.  I would have loved making this when I was a kid!  Let me know if you make one!


  1. The owls are adorable. I have been in love with owls ever since I saw a real one. Gorgeous!! I love how you improvised with hubby’s help!! Maybe he will want to make one!


  2. I am swinging over from Confessions From a Working Mom’s blog… I LOVE this owl project… My kid and I are going to have to pull out the felt! or something! 😉 Way to blog rock! I am with you.. hard to put it out there! I will get on that and blog rock tomorrow!? 😉 if I can stop blog hoppin long enough to do a post!
    Jenn~ http://www.seizingmyday.com

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