Doggie Update–Our Sweet Sherman

Our Sweet Sherman

We adopted a sweet puppy in March from the humane society and this little boy has stolen our hearts.  I thought you might like to see how our baby boy has grown.  Sherman’s picture from the humane society website captured our attention.  We couldn’t wait to see little Sherman in person.

Sherman puppy 2


He’s grown a bit since then and is now quite heavy.  If you are wondering why Sherman is being carried, it’s because he hates car rides, knew he was going to the car, and wouldn’t walk.  Our poor baby gets so nervous in the car that he throws up.

Dave and Sherman on June 15


We’ve been eager to take Sherman to the lake to see if he would like swimming.  He loves it!

Sherman Swimming


He also enjoys sitting on the dock.Sherman on the Dock


Sherman isn’t crazy about the boat but he’s adapting to it.  The bumps scared him on his first ride but on his second ride he tolerated them much better.

Love my Sherman


I want to teach Sherman to wave at passing boats.  Wouldn’t that be a hoot?

Paula and Sherman


Summer evenings on the dock are so relaxing.  We are truly enjoying sharing them with Sherman.

Dave, Paula, and Sherman


I disliked dogs until Sherman came into my life.  He’s changed me to a dog lover!


  1. Paula, once you’ve had a sweetie like this its hard to imagine how you ever lived without him isn’t it?
    Do you know how he came to be at the shelter? I wonder if he was dumped and that is why he is scared from the car. We’re pretty sure that is Luci’s trouble and every day she anxiety when we leave.
    I’m so glad that Sherman has worked out so well for you and Dave !

  2. I love Sherman!! I hope he learns to like the car and boat. My George loves car rides and has been with me on road trips from Florida to Indiana round trip – twice!

  3. Sherman’s picture from the website would sure get me. There’s nothing like the love from a dog. He is so sweet and adorable. You can get very attached to him, it’ll be like he’s your child, the love is so strong and wonderful. Sure hope he learns to like riding in car and the boat. So many people laugh at us, say “it’s just a dog”. Yeah, not for us.
    We adopted a dog from a PetSmart adoption fair about 3 1/2 yrs ago, he was a yr. old already, had been at 3 other shelters.
    I wasn’t sure I was ready as our cocker spaniel had died a few months before, we’d had her from time she was 4 months old to more than 14 yrs. Boy was that hard, she was such a huge part of our lives. We were on our way to PetSmart when our granddaughter called to tell us she’d found us a dog. Tommy wasn’t exactly what we had in mind but one look at him got me in the heart strings. He was skinny, afraid, his fur was awful and the look on his face was enuf for me, he needed us. He’s black lab/border collie, sweet, so smart, loving, takes good care of us two old people. Friends of ours thought we were crazy for adopting a big dog like him at our point in life but he’s been just what we needed to keep us going. He’s 75 lbs. now and what a personality. We’re so glad we have him. We took him with us today in our little Ford Ranger, he took up most of the seat, had his butt on my hip, didn’t want to sit down most of the way. But we made it, had some laughs, took him to dog park and we had a good time with him.
    I so hope you have half as much love from Sherman as we have had from Tommy. They are such a joy. I’m willing to venture he’s already captured your heart. Happy loving your Sherman.

  4. Hi Paula! Oh, that Sherman is one handsome young man. How wonderful that you rescued him. Dogs give us so much joy! That would be so cute if he waved at the passing boats! 🙂 You look as cute as a bug yourself.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia 😉

  5. Awwww, Sherman is a cutie! Thank you so much for saving a rescue dog – we foster dogs for a rescue group, so I see and hear about dogs in need just about every day. Adopting is the best way to go, and I truly believe that adopted dogs know how lucky they are to have a second chance at a happy life.

    I hope Sherman gets better about car rides, and it would be totally cool if you could teach him to wave at other boats 🙂

    1. I think it’s wonderful that people foster dogs. It’s got to be hard to give them up after you become attached. Sherman rode 5+ hours to the beach a couple of days ago and did great. We put his Kong bed in the car and that really seemed to help.

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