Ikea and a New Toy

This weekend we made a long trip to Baltimore to buy a new toy for Mr SP.  The trip was an easy drive until we encountered the DC and Baltimore Friday evening traffic.  I wouldn’t fight that kind of traffic on a day to day basis for anything.  Blah!  We finally made it to our hotel and both noticed a large blue and yellow building just across the road.  I guessed a Napa Auto Parts and Mr. SP had no idea.  To my delight, it was an Ikea!  I’ve never had the opportunity to visit Ikea and I was determined to go since we were so close.  We were at the door as soon as it opened on Saturday.

We didn’t have a lot of time to devote to Ikea shopping, but I saw it all and can now say I’ve shopped Ikea.  I loved the way Ikea shows their product by staging mini rooms. 

Honestly, I don’t think Ikea is where I’d buy anything that I’d expect to last a long while.  The furniture looked to be of very poor quality and I can’t imagine that it would last many years with normal use.  If you are just starting off in an apartment or are furnishing a college dorm room, Ikea would be the place to go.  At my stage in life, I enjoy antique shopping or thrift shopping more than a store like Ikea.

I did see some things I liked such as this awesome sink.  I would want something similar if I were building a house.

After our quick Ikea jaunt, it was off to the marina to pick up Mr. SP’s new toy, a boat! 

I call this spot in the boat my “summer time office.”  I hope the person who buys our old boat loves the office in it as much as I did.  My new office is even better!Baltimore3

After a short cruise down the Gunpowder River, we loaded the boat up and six hours later were home.  The sun felt so good on my toes on our short ride!

We’re hoping for some sun over Memorial Day weekend so that our new toy can get some use.  Right now it has more trailer than water miles.


  1. IKEA and a new boat….great day Paula. I love IKEA, bought all the shelving from there for the dish room but I agree about the quality of the furniture. My kids had that farmers sink in their last home and loved it. Enjoy your new “office” this weekend.

  2. My IKEA sideboard has held up pretty well for 5 or 6 years now, but I don’t think I’d bet on an IKEA sofa lasting too long. T is not keen on particle board furniture, so I haven’t bought much. But it is SO much fun to browse, isn’t it? 🙂

  3. I’m dying to go to IKEA, but I think you’re probably right about it lasting very long.

    I LOOOOVE Mr. SP’s new boat! Your office is right up my alley! I’m getting so anxious for the lake! Can’t wait to get on my daddy’s boat, even if it is a deck boat. Do y’all ski?

  4. What a fun new toy!!! I am sure you will get plently of use out of it this Summer.

    I love IKEA but haven’t been there in years. Our closest one is two hours away in Pittsburgh. I love the store but agree with you on the furniture. It worked for me whe I was a career girl living in my small apartment, now, not so much.

    Talk to you soon and happy boating!

  5. That DC traffic is bad, isn’t it? Unfortunately I did not find the Ikea store when I was stuck. Lucky you. I love the boat. It makes me want to be on the water. Carla

  6. Congratulations! What a fun new toy!

    We don’t have a boat. . . we’ve often talked of getting one. . . but then I wonder if we’ll use it enough to justify the expense. It looks as if y’all DO in fact use yours enough to be worth it! 🙂

  7. I shop at IKEA once in a while – some of the stuff is poor quality, but there are other items that are actually a really good value. The one near where I live has a whole floor devoted to smaller items like candles and other decor items, and I’ve gotten some really good deals there for making holiday gift baskets.

  8. I LOVE IKEA; we actually have several pieces for 20 years now. I just got a new bookcase in December for the front hall for display and storage. I especially love their kitchen ware, candles and wrapping paper and ribbons.

    CONGRATULATIONS on the new boat! That is SO exciting. I do love boating myself and I know you all will really, really enjoy the new boat !

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