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For Christmas I got two tank tops from New Balance that I absolutely adore because they are seamless and supportive without having a separate shelf bra.  If you’ve wrested with a wet tank, you know the shelf bra can make the tank difficult to get off your sweaty body.  My pink tank like the one below is still in good shape but the black one identical to it started coming apart at the seams because they are glued not sewn.


I contacted New Balance customer service to complain about my beloved top coming apart and they actually did something about it.   I was sent a free return label, told to pick out what I wanted to replace it, and they sent a replacement top back to me as soon as they received my old one.  Wow! I couldn’t believe it, good customer service!

I picked out this colorful top as a replacement.
New Balance1

I’ve told Mr. SP to shop New Balance for exercise clothes for me.  I like that they stand behind their products and are helpful when something isn’t right with them.  New Balance had nothing to do with me writing this post.  I’m just happy with their service and want to spread the word that this is a company to be trusted.

When I finally can run again, this top will be the one I wear as a reward. 


  1. I love it when I am surprised by good customer service. 🙂 Sometimes I think people just assume a company won’t do anything about a bad product so they don’t go to the trouble of asking. It’s amazing what asking nicely will accomplish sometimes.

    I like your new top. And thanks for sharing this story. My walking shoes are New Balance. I’ve been satisfied with them so far and now I feel even better. 😀

  2. Love your new top, I should really consider putting a full time exercise program into my day.. right now, lots of ups and downs on the ladder painting.. does that count? lol hugs ~lynne~

  3. I love hearing that companies take the time to listen to their customers!!! I actually did get a call from Wal-Mart the other in response to the angry letter I sent them…

  4. The seams were glued? I’ve never heard of that. Good to hear hey replaced it. I love the super cute colorful replacement you picked!

    Went back to the gym today – finally! I thought about you while I was struggling through my planks. UGH! Thanks for being an inspiration!

  5. Well I haven’t been around blogland much lately, super busy…but now I read something about “when you can run again?” I’m going to have to go back in time and see what happened. So glad to hear that they replaced your beloved top. Love the one you chose.

  6. Hi Paula,
    I love the Vneck of your new top!
    And yes it is soo nice to find good customer service these days. Zappos has good service too & they have New balance stuff also!!!
    I hope your back is feeling better soon. Back injuries are nothing to smile about.
    Little prayers for you!!!

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